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  • Nmanse

    Overall I would highly recommend this bike I have the trance 2 which is the aluminum version I do have carbon bars and it does have a carbon rocker but I'm just curious to see what the full carbon version would be like. I will say this I would highly recommend the aluminum one as having ridden for almost a year now it's a great bike and I don't regret buying it one bit.

    Coming from a hardtail this bike feels so much more comfortable. Very smooth eats up rocks and roots this bike has really impressed me. I did a lot of research before I bought this bike and for the amount of travel and the price of the weight was relatively low and the spec was relatively High. I almost bought the anthem but I'm really glad I went with the trance I ride a lot of XC trails and some black diamond trails and this bike is perfect. This bike descends quite a bit better than any other bike that I've tried.

    The only negative I can think of offhand is this bike does have pedal strikes from time to time. I've put some more air in the rear shock and found that this problem has gotten slightly better I'm still playing with the settings so it could be a setup issue.

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  • toobrdr

    I love this bike. If you want something that can do almost anything but serious downhill, this is the bike. Love blowing by bikes that cost double.

    Fast, nimble, climbs well, solid components and great price.

    No real complaints on the setup, certain trails I'd like more bike, 29er, etc but that's not on the Trance.

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  • Shinobi

    Coming from a entry level hard tail with a TK 30 gold front fork, this bike is amazing. Climbs just as good as my previous HT. Suspension set in open on the descents just eats up the rocks and rough ST. Handled a nice wide double jump at speed and a 5-6 ft drop off a rather large rock. If you are not wanting to drop a ton of cash on a bike, this is the one for you. If you are worried that the components at this price point are not up to snuff, you can always get an XT group set for about $430 but I really don't see the need as this bike simply performs with the SLX and Deore spec'd components it comes stock. Don't think that the fox 32 fork is wimpy and not stiff, it handles the rough stuff very well. The new fit 4 dampers perform exceptionally well.

    Climbs Well
    Great suspension
    Bang for the buck
    Descends very well
    Good modulation on the brake, plenty of power
    Easy to setup tubeless with gorilla tape and tubeless valves.

    No through axle on rear end.
    2x10 drive train, would expect a 1x11 at this price point and model year, however this drive train shifts quick and is smooth. Don't let this be a big detractor.

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  • roadandmud

    I am really happy with the ride and performance of this bike.

    Handles rocks, roots and ruts well. Confident feel on fast descents.

    Unusable water bottle mounts. I have tried several types of water bottle cages and different size bottles. None of them fit, the top of the bottles don't clear the frame

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