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  • Dr Sweets

    Five flaming pentagrams for the Rune V2! Get one and then go nuts!ProsThe Banshee Rune V2 is a phenomenal bike all around. While it absolutely destroys on the descents and in the gnar, it's climbing ability is eye-opening. I've ridden every other comparable bike demoing them back to back on the same trails over the last two years and nothing has surpassed it. It is a mad deal too. You can pay more than twice as much for similar bikes that do not ride as well. Banshee were way ahead of the crowd when they dropped this rig in late '12. They have made minor tweaks in the geometry since and for '17 they've switched to lighter hydro-formed tube set.ConsThe only complaint you will ever hear from anyone regarding Banshee's is about their weight. The 17's should erase that. That said, I demoed a comparable very popular bike against mine that was three pounds less (31.5 vs 28.5) and $5K more in price. The bikes were equal on all fronts, but surprisingly my bike out-climbed it. Bottom line...the only con would be weight if you have to have the most svelte of rigs over performance.

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  • nahtethan

    Get it.

    This bike is awesome. It's stiff and well built. Banshee did a solid moving away from its bushing system. It has the option of being 26 or 27.5 which is nice although I'm fine with 26. The frame is exactly what I wanted and I like that I'm probably he only guy around here with one.


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  • retroenduro

    A great bike that i love to own. Taken it all round the world on many mtb holidays and it always delivers! Climbs with the best of them and dominates on the descents!!!

    True do it all bike
    Light enough for an AM rig
    Fantastic geometry
    Tough as old boots!
    Can easily be convrrted into a DH sled
    Full length cables
    Stable in mid air - well balanced

    Could be a tad lighter
    Some of the cable routing is asking for trouble as it rubs on the frame
    Paint finish is shocking, wore through on the first proper ride! Get the anodised version!!!
    Some pedal feedback when crossing chainlines
    Takes a while to set up suspension right

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