Santa Cruz Blur Mountain Bike Review

4.83 out of 5
By Greg Heil    on Mar 20, 2018

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Q: Hi, I'm currently looking at buying a full suspension bicycle (Upgrade from my 29' hard tail). I'm a small female (156cm), ride mostly cross country. I have narrowed my search down to two bicycles been the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 or the Santa Cruz Blur. If I decide on Trek I need to ride a 27.5 wheel bicycle where as if I choose Santa Cruz I'm able to fit on the small frame 29'er. The specs are fairly similar and the price is not very different. Does anyone have any advice on which might be a better bicycle for me. -Guest

A: I can only speak for the BlurCC. I have the X01 and it is an amazingly fast and great handling bike. It climbs and tracks very well on all terrains I have ridden in. I have also noticed that it is an excellent downhill bike as well (makes sense coming from Santa Cruz Bikes).... I personally still like 29'rs.

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March 15, 2016
Model/Year: 2013 Santa Cruz Blur TRC Carbon

Pros: peppy
handles nice
great geometry

Recommendation: I was persuaded to try my husband's, after he set it up for me. I loved it and ended up buying a brand new one. This is such a fun bike that my style of riding has grown into.

April 22, 2015
Model/Year: 2011

Pros: extremely light and stiff, handles well and climbs like a machine.

Recommendation: XC race to AM this bike can do it all

December 19, 2014
Model/Year: 2013 Santa Cruz Blur TRC Carbon

Pros: Handling

Cons: not riding it

Recommendation: My husband has been looking for one of these for some time and while watching PinkBike one came up. He is thrilled with the bike.

September 11, 2014
Pros: Enough travel

Cons: None

Recommendation: Buildt this up over winter. Absolutely love this thing. Replaced an 06 superlight, no regrets.

July 26, 2014
Pros: Lots

Cons: None so far

Recommendation: This is a dream ride for me. Good luck finding a better complete xc package. Santa Cruz is a premium quality mountain bike. You pay more, but it is so worth it. When you hit the trail with this baby, it feels like you're floating. With the VPP, climbing is a breeze all of you pedal power feels like it goes directly to the wheel with no bob.

April 25, 2014
Pros: Fast, light, firm.

Cons: haven't found on yet

Recommendation: i love it. It replaced my superlight.

September 7, 2013
Model/Year: 2010

Pros: Excellent suspension design. Definitely made for downhill but still can pedal up. It has a 2.5 inch shock stroke to 140mm so the leverage ratio is very low and is plusher than any other frame I have used. Seems to not feel like it bottoms out even when you do. Doesn't ramp up too much and is not bucky. However, it is not bad pedaling. Frame weight is fairly light for a aluminum frame and my small weighs about 6 lbs. I got the bike to a very acceptable weight of 27lbs without using lots of super ultralight cross country-ish parts and making it pretty stout.

Cons: No thru axle 12mm x142mm.
VPP design sometime can be too close to drivetrain and chainline spacing is tight. No removable dropouts for changing geometry and/or wheel size. No adjustability for wheel travel length.

Recommendation: It is the best all-around bike I have used thus far. However, I would like more adjustability to tweak it to my liking.

December 1, 2010
Pros: Comfortable geometry.
Point and shoot on technical terrain.

Recommendation: My friend and I are the same size and swapped rides for a bit on the Mt Falcon trail.

In the geometry dept, the blur feels exactly like my Giant trance. And I mean truly identical.

The difference is in the suspension. Santa Cruz's VPP implementation is sportier, for lack of a better description. Where my Giant has a low center of gravity, the Blur feels a little higher, with the rider still positioned rearward. This is offset by the slacker head angle. Where my Giant likes to float through rough stuff, the Blur likes to be pedaled through it.

Overall it is a very pleasant bike to ride, whether for an all day epic, technical singletrack, or even some racing with the right components.

November 30, 2010
Pros: light weight comfortable frame feels solid on big drops, and once the suspension is tuned, it turns and climbs like a Blur, fast and smooth. I love this bike.

Cons: too much travel for many of the trails I ride. this bike is made for fast cross country downhill riding.

Recommendation: this bike is incredible if you ride big hills/ cross country and want plenty of travel.

April 19, 2010
Pros: Very solid and stable. Climbs decent but that all depends on your setup. One of the best features of this bike is that it can be set up as an XC bike or as a burly trail bike.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Recommendation: A great do it all bike that will surely have you grinning form ear to ear every time you hit the trail. As an all-mountain bike this is the closest thing to perfection I have ridden to date.

Santa Cruz Blur 4.83 out of 5 based on 18 ratings. 18 user reviews.