Aguas claras BikePark

Beautifull place in front of the beach with differents trails for Trekking, Mtb. Lake in the middle of the hill

Paso del Diablo / Tirabuzon

Singletrack 8km 9% grade. Fireroad 12km 6% grade. Singletrack 6.7km -17% grade (with two portions at -26% and -21% grade).

Nevados de Chillan

There are a lot of trails and its a big bikepark, with trails to begginers to experts.

La Escondida

Its short and easy, recommendee for begginers.

El Cañon

Nice road for begginers to experts, with a lot of stones and at the end 2 big jumps.

Cancha Carrera

A very hard circuit, for advanced riders only. With a wide variety of terrains, Cancha carrera is definetly one of the bests downhill trails of Santiago. In the top, it is very technical with difficult sections through loose rock-gardens and anti-cant curves, with hardpack to loose-over-hardpack conditions, but as you are going down, it becomes …

Parque Huilo Huilo- Choshuenco Volcano

An amaizing landscape of wild forest. Follow the 4×4 track. Climb until the top of Choshuenco Volcano. Find a permanent snowboard trail in th snow. Ride across ancient and enourmos trees. Return in the same way. Better in Summer seasson. Take 2 Litter watter min. per person. Sunblock, photo cameras, glasses. Take care. Animals are …