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On Review: Sarma Naran 80 Carbon Fat Bike Rims

When you think of fat bikes, you may not think about them being light, but manufacturers are pushing the envelope in design and construction, with some complete bike build weights dipping down into the low 20's. Wheels are a big factor in any weight reduction effort, and of course shedding rotating

Fat Bike Buyer's Guide: Mid-Range Models

Click here to read part 1: Budget Models. As you can see in part 1, a lot of mountain bikers have decided to dip their toes in the fat bike waters and have bought up all the entry-level models. If you've already demo'ed a fat bike and know for certain that

Fatback Bikes - Outerbike review

Fat bike fever seems to be sweeping across the country like crazy. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about, so my first demo of Outerbike was from Fatback Bikes, based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Greg from Fatback set me up on their 'Deluxe' alloy model in a 16"

Final Review: Fatback Aluminum Deluxe Fat Bike

At a time when the only fat bikes in the world were some one-off custom models and the fairly-heavy, steel-framed Surly Pugsley, Greg Matyas at Speedway Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska was inspired to create a fat bike with the terrain-conquering characteristics of the Pugsley, but in a package that rides

On Test: Fatback Bikes

Read any mountain biking mag or hang out at the LBS and chances are you'll hear people talking about the latest craze to hit the market: fat bikes. Whether they are a fad or a solid piece of engineering that extends our sport in new directions is a conversation for another

Review: 4.8in Fatback Aluminum Fat Bike

Hot on the heels of maddslacker's long-term review of the 3.5in3.8in-tired version of Fatback's aluminum fat bike, I had a chance to take the massive 4.8in version for a spin around the Outerbike test loop. Specs First, and most obviously, this rig sports the biggest fat bike tires you can buy, at

Review: Borealis Yampa Carbon Fat Bike

Hot on the heels of my long-term Fatback review, I had a chance to demo the new Borealis Yampa carbon fiber fat bike at Outerbike. Borealis is fairly new to the fat bike scene and is the brainchild of Adam Miller and Steve Kaczmarek, with design input from seven-time Iditarod Trail

CAMBA Part 3: Flowy Singletrack, Racing, and Fat Bike Central

Click here to read Part 2. The Seeley and Hayward Clusters We got an early start Wednesday morning for our point-to-point ride, starting at the OO trailhead and heading down to Hatchery Creek. The OO is one of the more popular trailheads, and with its proximity to the town of Hayward, this

Stan's the Man: Tubeless Carbon Rims and Fat Bike Wheel Prototype

I dropped in on Stan's No Tubes at Interbike Wednesday and got a sneak peak at the latest from the company: carbon rims and a new fat bike wheel prototype. Many riders know Stan's for their tubeless conversion kits, rim tape, and tire sealant but the company also sells a line

Video: Fat Bike vs. XC Skier

Back in December Greg posted a video showing a race between a snowboarder and a downhill mountain biker but here's a new take: fat bike vs. cross-country skier. It's pretty rad to see how much speed the skier gets even on the flats but the fat bike rider's no slouch

Review: Gettin' Surly at Interbike with the Pug Ops

I totally don't need a fat bike where I live but after riding the Surly Pug Ops today I need to find an excuse to get one. Not only are these bikes suitable for postapocalyptic transportation (seriously), they're also fun and surprisingly rideable on the trail. I've test ridden a few

Review: Surly Instigator, 26+

The Surly Instigator is Surly's first bike with a suspension fork. And no, as I already inquired, despite the fact that you see there's a Fox fork on this bike, it does notmean that Fox is making a suspension fat bike fork. In actual fact, Surly purposely sought out the fork

Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike Review

These days the trend seems to be toward fatter and fatter mountain bike tires and no one is pushing the envelope more than Surly. By now you've probably seen the Pugsly but this year the company is taking things to a whole new level with the Moonlander. At first glance the

The Surly Krampus: 29+

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the release of Surlys Krampus, and when talking about what this bike is, its probably best to begin by talking about what its not: It is not a fat bike with massive 4 or 5-inch tires designed for maximum flotation and slow

Fat Bike Buyer's Guide: Budget Models

Aside from all the hype surrounding the industry shift to 650b, there is another revolution quickly gaining traction. This new revolution is fat biking. A fat bike is fairly similar to a regular rigid mountain bike, but it is designed around tires that are 4-5" wide. This is 2 - 2

Fat Fun at Global Fat Bike Day

Having only thrown a leg over a fat bike ever so briefly for a couple quick parking lot spins on dry pavement, I was skeptical about the apparently-growing fat bike craze. Why on earth would anybody want anything on their rims wider than 2.4in? Surely, whatever stood to be gained

Ride Report: Global Fat Bike Day

It seems that a plethora of bizarre and unorthodox events have earned a commemorative nod on the calendar in the past few years. December 7th is no exception, what with it paying homage to worthwhile historical events such as Pearl Harbor Day, or more kitschy ideas such as National Cotton

Fat Bike Buyer's Guide: High-End Models

Click here to check out part 2: Mid-Range Models. If you're not satisfied with what everyone else is riding, or if you routinely spend more on your bikes than on your cars, then this is the category for you. These high-end models range in price from $3,001 to sell-a-kidney. 2014 Salsa Beargease$3,499 Salsa

Fat Biking 101: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Biking in the Snow

If you have been shopping for bikes lately, you may have noticed a peculiar bike niche gaining significant market traction, aside from the venerable 650b movement. Fat bikes, or snow bikes, have been around since at least the early 20th century, but in the past 1-2 years several manufacturers, both

What to Wear for Winter Biking

It's winter. It's cold. There may or may not be snow on the ground where you live, but despite all that, you probably want to extend your mountain biking season into the "off" season. Here are some winter clothing and gear tips to help you do so comfortably. While this is

Fat Bike Frame Material Buyer's Guide

If you've been shopping for a fat bike, hopefully you've had the opportunity to read maddslacker's excellent series of articles reviewing different models at varying price-points. If not, here are the links: Budget models Mid-range models High-end models Price will almost certainly be most riders' ultimate purchase-limiting variable, but within certain budget ranges there

News: Unsupported Trip to South Pole--On a Fat Bike!

Juan Menendez Granados has set the bar very high for those of us making 2014 goals, having traversed from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole over the course of 46 days solo and completely unassisted. He's the first person ever to accomplish such a feat and then he had to get

Fat Biking in Crested Butte, Colorado: A Quick Tourist's Guide

Crested Butte just happens to be one of my favorite places to ride a mountain bike, particularly in the summer when the wildflowers blanket the tall green peaks with a rainbow of a colors. I would easily say that it is the most scenic place that I've ever ridden. With

Riding Green Mountain when it's actually White Mountain... the perfect fat bike trail?

Green Mountain. There may not be a more polarizing trail in the Denver Metro area. If you ask people who have ridden it, you will undoubtedly get a wide variety of opinions about this mountain (a small hill, really) just west of downtown. "Too Easy." "Too steep." "Perfect for beginnerriders." "No, perfect for Intermediate

The Lure of the Fat Bike: A Winter Time Story at Lair O' the Bear, Colorado

Think about one of your favorite trails. Now think about how that might look if it is covered in about 8-10 inches of snow. Would you ride it? A little over a year ago, I would have said, "no way. Winter is for snowboarding and dark beer and Xbox." But fortunately, in

The Lure of the Fat Bike: A Winter Time Story at Lair O' the Bear, Colorado

Think about one of your favorite trails. Now think about how that might look if it is covered in about 8-10 inches of snow. Would you ride it? A little over a year ago, I would have said, "no way. Winter is for snowboarding and dark beer and Xbox." But fortunately, in

Warning: Fat Biking Is Addictive (Infographic)

This should come as no surprise but here it is: Fat biking is addictive. We received nearly 1,000 survey responses from dozens of countries and 49 of the 50 US states on the topic of fat bikes. We covered a lot of ground, so here's the executive summary. There is a ton

North Table Mountain, CO: A Fat Bike Odyssey in Snow and Mud

Annoyed, snot clung to my nose in the howling headwind, and I could do nothing about it. I was too busy trying to keep my balance and muscle up a steep, muddy trail against a bitterly cold 30mph headwind. Man, that wind sucks. My fat 4.0 Dillinger tires struggled to

News: First-Ever Fat Bike Suspension Fork Announced: RockShox Bluto RL

Earlier this morning we published a quick news post about the new Rocky Mountain Blizzard, which featured a teaser of the new RockShox Bluto RL fat bike suspension fork. Now, we have official details on the fork! Most interestingly, the Bluto will be available in 80, 100, and 120mm travel options.

News: Rocky Mountain Announces 2015 Blizzard Fat Bike, Plus a Sneak-Peak of the Rock Shox Bluto RL Fat Bike Suspension Fork

Rocky Mountain Bicycles has just announced their brand-new Blizzard fat bike, coming in the fall of 2014. The all-new Blizzard features a "suspension-specific design, agile trail-bike geometry, and a truly capable parts spec," according to Rocky Mountain. Before we continue, let's hold the horse just one minute. Yes, this 68.5-degree head

Photo Blog: Working with Winter During Days 5 and 6 of #30daysofbiking

So often we mountain bikers fight against winter: we flee to the desert or to the South to ride our bikes, we complain about the snow and the rain, and we grumble and refuse to do anything when we can't ride our beloved singletrack. However, I think that most of the

Photo Blog: #30daysofbiking Days 3 and 4: Fat Biking in the Snow

This weekend, things didn't go quite as planned for 30 Days of Biking, thanks to a big snowstorm blasting into the state of Colorado. Still, what's biking in April like withouta few weather challenges?! Day 3 Day 4

#30DaysofBiking Day 1: Impromptu Fat Bike Exploration

It's finally here! Ever since I decided that I'd tackle the 30 days of biking challenge again this April, I've been counting down the days to 4/1/14 eagerly. In fact, I've been waiting for this month for four years now. I first completed the 30 days of biking challenge in 2010,

News: Salsa Announces First-Ever Production Full Suspension Fat Bike: The Bucksaw

Today has been the day for fat biking news! Hot on the heels of the announcement of the first-ever fat bike suspension fork comes--you probably guessed it--the announcement of the first-ever production full suspension fat bike! Salsa is naturally leading the charge in this category, with their new Bucksaw FS fat

Review: Bike Nashbar's Big Ol' Fat Bike

Fat bikes might just be the biggest advancement in the mountain bike industry in the last decade. Perhaps that's a bold thing to say, but I can't think of a single change over the last 10 years that has had a bigger impact on the way we look at mountain

Photo Blog: Fat Bikes at the Sea Otter Classic

Fat bikes were everywhere at the Sea Otter Classic this year! Sure, fat bikes make for a cushy cruise around the dusty venue at Laguna Seca, but there were many fat bikes built for more than just cruising. The newly-released Salsa Bucksaw made its debut at Sea Otter. This first-ever production

News: Details Released About Surly's New Ice Cream Truck Fat Bike

We were teased a few months ago with shots of Surly's coming soon Ice Cream Truck fat bike, but official details have now been finally released! The frame is made of Surly's 4130 CroMoly steel--no surprise there. But the big news with this rig is the transition to symmetrically-spaced 190mm hubs,

Review: Origin8 Devist-8er Ultralight Fat Bike Tire

I was extremely underwhelmed with the stock tires that came on my Bike Nashbar Big Ol' Fat Bike, so I emailed Origin8 to see if I could test out some of their new Devist-8er Ultralight tires and I'm so glad I did! Specs The Devist-8er Ultralight (UL) tires sport a medium-depth, directional

First Ride: 2015 Motobecane NightTrain Bullet Fatbike

The 2015 Motobecane NightTrain Bullet($1499 MSRP) is a full-featured fatbike that is willing and able to tackle almost any terrain on planet Earth. Although this RockShox Bluto-equipped bike is currently only available for pre-order via BikesDirect.com, I recently got my hands on one ahead of the official October release date.



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