Do Dogs Smile?


Do dogs smile? Google this question and you will find most dog behaviorists yammering that dogs don’t really smile and that it is just a form of anthropomorphism as people try to make their little buddies little people. One “expert” chimed in that “we must face the truth and accept the fact that dogs are …

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How To Quit Squeezing in Your Rides

2015-02-16 image (1)

If you’re single, I invite you to continue ripping responsibly without any other responsibility. If you’re married (especially with children), you’re probably not getting out as often as you did during your unwed days. Maybe you’re not so much going for rides as you are squeezing them in. It’s difficult for your family to reconcile …

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Life Lessons from Mountain Biking: Growing Up vs. Growing Old


We are young Wandering the face of the earth Wondering what our dreams might be worth Learning that we’re all immortal . . . for a limited time from “Dreamline” by Rush (lyrics by Neil Peart) Music is full of profound statements.  Sometimes a single short sentence or phrase stands out as particularly meaningful.  “. …

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The Joys of Homebrewing Beer… for Mountain Bikers

2015-01-20 bottles

What do these have in common? Beer, dirt, hops, gears. If you guessed mountain biking, you would be correct! Here at, we’re a bit obsessed with beer and mountain biking, and judging from the comments on some of our beer-related articles, you are too. As our Editor in Chief, Greg Heil, ranted about self …

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My 5 Mountain Biking Goals for 2015

Steamboat Springs is one of the places we explored this year.

Recently we posed the question on Facebook, “What mountain biking goals are you setting for yourself this year?” Answers ranged from “bike more” to “carbon everything” and “avoid more trees and/or cars.” Of course all of these answers got me thinking about my own goals for the season (though it is only January and I’m …

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