Yelp Reviews Reveal 8 Ways Bike Shops Fail Customers


Online reviews are the great equalizer in today’s market, giving the consumer a powerful voice and an informed choice. Even poorly delivered, incomprehensible rants–from strangers, no less–are carefully weighed against the longer list of positive reviews. Four of 48 people give a bad review, and all of the sudden that business moves to the back burner because… well, what if you’re …

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Get Paid to Ride: The Uber Model Comes to Mountain Biking


While out riding with friends, how often have you heard a comment like, “Man, I wish I could get paid to do this!” While a lucky few of us are skilled enough to ride professionally, or have a lifestyle simple enough to be able to work at a local shop, the vast majority of mountain bikers …

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Opinion: Don’t Permit Instances of Anti-Cyclist Rage


Editor’s Note: Walter Rhein is a cyclist who rides road bikes, mountain bikes, and everything in between. He’s also a father, a husband, a son, and a friend. The opinions expressed in this commentary are Walter’s alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Spring can be infuriating for cyclists. The minute it …

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