There’s a new documentary film out about mountain biking women and judging by the previews it looks to be as adrenaline packed as any MTB film we’ve seen. Of course, this movie isn’t just about women who ride bikes – it’s about women who ride downhill, DJ, and freeride specifically. A Seattle Times film reviewer gives the movie two and a half stars out of four which ain’t bad.

The film is showing in Seattle this week and you can buy the DVD through the Bones Over Metal website for $24.95 right now. Anyone seen this one yet and care to share a review? Trailer embedded below.

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  • ChiliPepper

    Those babes kick some serious arse and they have my respect by all means! That was some killer drum line tunes in that trailer video. Got my blood pumping for some FR/DH. My wife is far from an aggressive rider by all means, but both of us want to see this documentary. Looks awesome and full of kick arse flying! Thanks for sharing and bringing this to our attention.

  • cjm

    When did April Lawyer get to old for these videos?

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