Wahoo Updates their Kickr Indoor Trainer with a More Realistic Ride Feel

The latest Wahoo Kickr smart trainer adds 5° of side-to-side float for a more realistic ride feel, indoors.

Folks who have been bitten by the virtual racing and indoor training fly have a bevy of top-notch trainer models to choose from, and Wahoo just updated their Kickr to bring more inside riders their way. The brand claims that their “fifth generation smart training improves accuracy, ease of use, and ride feel.

The latest Kickr machine is said to measure the rider’s power output to within roughly 1% accuracy, up from the previous 2% margin. Wahoo claims that “this gives the new KICKR unsurpassed power accuracy without the need for users to perform a spin down, saving valuable time and providing riders confidence in the accuracy of their power data.”

On the sensation side of things, the revamped Kickr allows for 5° of float from side to side as you pedal, which Wahoo says makes the overall ride feel more like a real pedal outdoors.

This updated model retails for the same $1,199.99 price as the prior version. The new “KICKR is compatible with the KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator, KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, and KICKR DESK. KICKR is also fully compatible with indoor workouts from Wahoo’s The Sufferfest virtual training app.” So much smart.

Head over to the Wahoo page for additional info.