Troy Lee Designs 2017 Helmets and Clothing

All photos courtesy TLD
rider: Leigh Donovan (All photos courtesy TLD)

Troy Lee Designs (TLD) has launched their 2017 bike collection, which includes a revamped trail helmet, new paint jobs for the D3 full face, updated shorts and jerseys, and an all-new Ruckus line for women.

A2 Trail Helmet


TLD’s original trail helmet, the A1, has been popular among riders the world over since its launch a few years back. For 2017, TLD is offering a second generation of the helmet, called A2. MIPS is standard on the A2, but that’s not where the safety features end. The A2 combines EPP foam for slow-speed impacts and EPS for high-speed impacts, which TLD claims is a first for a trail helmet.


In addition to the added safety features, the new helmet is said to have 25% better ventilation due to larger ports on the front and back. The A2 is available in 13 color options and comes with a 3-year warranty for $169. TLD will continue to offer the A1 – now with MIPS – for $139.

D3 Full Face Helmet


There aren’t any new features on the 2017 D3 – TLD added MIPS and additional EPS foam last year – but of course, there are new paint jobs.





TLD offers a wide array of clothing that covers everything from XC to DH. Their Ace line is basically for XC riders that don’t want to look like XC racers when they’re out on the trail. The jerseys and shorts all feature a trim cut and are made of highly breathable materials. Ace jerseys are $75 and the shorts start at $95.

Skyline is TLD’s best-selling line and is aimed at the meat of the market – trail riders. It’s gear that should work for just about any rider, anywhere. A new short, windbreaker, and the addition of a Skyline Air option have all been introduced for 2017. The Air line is a heavily-vented version of Skyline. Jerseys start at $55, while shorts start at $70 and go up to $95.

Moving into all-mountain or enduro territory is the Ruckus line. Both the jerseys and shorts are cut a little baggier and use more durable materials. While the Ruckus line has been around for some time, the women’s-specific items are new for this year. Ruckus jerseys are $60 and the shorts are $135.

For DH riding and racing, TLD offers the Sprint line. The Sprint jerseys are all long-sleeved, although new for 2017 is a Sprint Air version that promises to run a little cooler. Matching Sprint shorts and pants are available. Jerseys start at $50, shorts are $95, and pants are $120.

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