Review: TOGS Give Riders a Hand Up

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If you spend a lot of time in the saddle, you’re probably familiar with the problem of hand and arm fatigue. Even with the most dialed stem / bar / grip configuration, it’s always helpful to be able to switch hand positioning periodically–and TOGS was designed with this idea in mind.

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Of course there are other solutions on the market like bar ends, ergonomic grips, and even curvy handlebars (like the Jones H-bar). TOGS takes a simpler, lighter approach with its thumb over grip system (get it, TOGS?) that allows riders to stretch their thumb and relieve pressure after long hours in the saddle.

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Looking at the photos you can pretty much see how the system works. The carbon model I’ve been testing has a hinged design so you can throw it on your bars without having to slide everything off. The “nubs” are low profile and placed inside the grips to pretty much eliminate the grappling-hook effect bar ends tend to have on tree-lined trails.

togs - 3

I personally found the TOGS hand position convenient and comfortable, though it didn’t offer as much relief as, say, a traditional set of bar ends. But unlike bar ends, TOGS allow you to operate brake levers (though not shifters) while you’re stretching.

At 18g for the pair, TOGS won’t add any noticeable weight to your rig, and you can have them installed in literally minutes. The carbon, hinged set (tested) retails for $35 while the nylon, ringed version is available in multiple colors and sells for $23.

Thanks to TOGS for providing this item for review.