SUGOI Cares About Your Butt’s Comfort, and They Have a Guarantee to Prove It

If you’re thinking about wrapping your butt in a new piece of cycling bottoms, the time has never been better to try some of SUGOI’s pieces. They’re offering a 60-day money back guarantee on the spring 2015 line of butt covers.

“Oh yeah,” you’re probably thinking, “But there will be some language in the offer about how if I actually put my butt in these shorts it’ll void the offer.”

Well you can stow that loose cannon, Negative Nancy. Check this out:

Consumers are encouraged to purchase any pair of the brands 2015 bike short and knickers from their local retailer or at and ride in the garments as much as they would like to fully test the performance capabilities. If within 60 days, the consumer is not fully satisfied with the comfort of the garment, they will be able to return the product to the retailer from which it was purchased, with proof of purchase for a complete refund or exchange.

SU_14F_36321U.BLK_3ddf5a6a-fdce-4513-bb78-8df34d3b1a31_grandeOn a serious note, that’s as good as or better than any guarantee offer I have seen in the cycling industry. Usually you have to return the item to an RMA center — unused, mind you — to get any attention at all, but not on this one. A bold move by SUGOI, to be sure.

Apparently I am a crazy man because I love bibs, but for you baggies-or-die riders, the offer does apply to Sugoi’s RPM X baggies as well as their bibs and traditional road shorts. Check out SUGOI’s site for a complete list here.

My butt is going to be so comfortable. Thanks, SUGOI!