Revel Wheels Recycled Wheel Scraps are Now Tough Tire Levers

Photos courtesy of Revel

Back in February, Revel Bikes started Revel Wheels, their own carbon fiber wheels made from FusionFiber, a recyclable composite. The development took a lot of prototypes, but instead of scrapping the waste, Revel hung on to the FusionFiber and turned carbon fiber waste into a bike mechanic’s treasure.

Without the use of an epoxy, the FusionFiber is said to be more easily recycled. Old rims and scraps are chopped into bits and then put through a shredder. After that, they are heated up and molded into a tire lever.

The Revel levers are 6×1 inches in dimension and since they are made from FusionFiber they should be nearly unbreakable. Levers are for sale at the Revel website or at any Revel Wheels dealer for $15 each.

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