Revel Wheels Recycled Wheel Scraps are Now Tough Tire Levers

Revel Bikes is turning their FusionFiber scraps into something useful.
Photos courtesy of Revel

Back in February, Revel Bikes started Revel Wheels, their own carbon fiber wheels made from FusionFiber, a recyclable composite. The development took a lot of prototypes, but instead of scrapping the waste, Revel hung on to the FusionFiber and turned carbon fiber waste into a bike mechanic’s treasure.

Without the use of an epoxy, the FusionFiber is said to be more easily recycled. Old rims and scraps are chopped into bits and then put through a shredder. After that, they are heated up and molded into a tire lever.

The Revel levers are 6×1 inches in dimension and since they are made from FusionFiber they should be nearly unbreakable. Levers are for sale at the Revel website or at any Revel Wheels dealer for $15 each.