Rebecca Rusch and Red Bull Team win Emmy for Film, Blood Road

Rebecca Rusch and the Red Bull team took an Emmy for the documentary Blood Road.
Photo: Josh Letchworth/Red Bull Content Pool

The suffer-enthusiast and endurance-athlete known as the “Queen of Pain,” Rebecca Rusch, took home an Emmy in October for her documentary Blood Road.

“The ride of my life has become a journey that keeps giving gifts that I never could have imagined,” said Rusch on Instagram.

Blood Road is a Red Bull documentary that followed Rusch on her journey mountain biking through Vietnam to find answers about her father’s service in the war.

Rusch partnered with Vietnamese cyclist Huyen Nguyen to travel the Ho Chi Minh trail, a 1,200 mile route that served as a military supply channel from North Vietnam to South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Photo: Josh Letchworth/Red Bull Content Pool

In the film, the two pedal the Ho Chi Minh trail to find Rusch’s father’s crash site. Along the way, Rusch and Nguyen explore how the Vietnam war has impacted both of their lives.

In Blood Road, Rusch also drew attention to the vast amount of un-detonated explosives that are still littered throughout Vietnam and southeast Asia. Rusch has been donating profits to the Mines Advisory Group, a non-profit organization that helps clear mines in conflict zones.

Blood Road took home an award for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.

“I am proud and honored to have my story told by a team who’s equally incredible as they are talented,” said Rusch on Instagram.

Blood Road is still being shown at selective screenings across the country and is available to watch for free on Red Bull TV.