Puncture Pluggin’ with the new Cigar Tool from Crankbrothers

Crankbrothers announces a mountain bike tire plug tool with a built-in CO2 inflator head.

This reads best with a radio-DJ voice in your head, circa 1940. “Did your aggressive new trail bike arrive with single-ply tires, causing you to spend as much time installing tubes alongside the trail as you do riding? For a mere $29.99, the new Crankbrothers puncture-pluggin’ solution will have you back up and rollin’ in a flash!”

Crankbrothers includes a tire plug tool, five plugs, s C02 inflator head, one bottle-cage mounting bracket, and a case with the Cigar Tool, all for a meager weight penalty of 55 grams. The Cigar Tool comes with a 5-year warranty, and you’ll likely put the tool to good use in that time.

The puncture tool itself is connected to the cap that holds everything together, providing a decent handle to punch through ample gravity casings. We’ll be testing the Cigar Tool out over the winter to share how it stacks up against other puncture pluggers. For now, check this Crankbrothers clip on how to use it.