New Torque Tools, Cassette Wrench, and More from PRO

PRO is adding new bike tools to the line, and updating existing ones to improve ergonomics and durability.
Torque wrenches: Mechanical left, digital right.

PRO is adding new bike tools to the line, and updating existing ones to improve ergonomics and durability.

The PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench is a ratchet-style tool that uses interchangeable bits with a digital readout that measure torque from 1-20Nm. The tool can be preset to a desired torque, and an audible tone lets you know when you’ve reached your target. MSRP: $250.

For those who want a fully mechanical torque tool, not to mention those with a limited budget, the $65 mini torque wrench should do most jobs. The tool tightens bolts to one of three preset levels (4, 5, or 6Nm) and includes 6 different bits to handle most bike parts.

PRO also has an interesting cassette wrench that’s designed to take the place of the ol’ chain whip. The dual-sided tool mates up to the 10- or 11-tooth cog on a cassette to keep it from spinning as you remove the lock ring. The PRO Cassette Wrench is priced at $35.

There are a host of other shiny new tools from Pro, including a three-way wrench, cassette wrench, chain tool, and tubeless-specific tire levers.

Pro also has some new pumps. The Team Suspension Pump is said to be accurate within 2%, with a maximum pressure reading of 300 PSI. At just 167g, it will fit nicely in a backpack when it’s time to dial in suspension for different conditions or your newfound speed.

For riders who want to mount everything on their bikes, the Pro XS Mini Pump will take up minimal space and won’t run out of steam half way through the job like a C02 can. This little wind tube is 16cm long and weighs 99g, delivering 38cm3 of air per stroke.

A new Team Floor Pump and larger trailside option that delivers far more air per stroke round out the new pump offerings.

In addition, PRO has two different chain tools designed specifically for either 9-12 speed chains or 1-9 speed chains.

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