Performance Jorts for Mountain Biking Are Now a Thing

These technical jorts are jean shorts designed for mountain biking.

Photos: Ripton & Co

If anyone has ever put a pair of pants between a set of scissor blades and thought, “these might look cool, but I’m wasting two lower pant legs, and they are gonna chafe like a mother…,” then Ripton & Co has some good news.

The new brand, debuting from the Western Slope of Colorado, brings performance-minded jorts to mountain biking. The shorts are stretchy and offer an ethical and sustainable approach to jorts.

Ripton & Co are made from a “super stretch” four-way denim gussetted with “advanced taint cooling technology,” they say in their press release. The riding shorts are “highly packable,” and come in two styles: hemmed or cut-off. The brand says they have been testing the jorts for over three years to get the design right, and being that they retail for $89, these had better be some damn fine jorts.

While it’s not the first of April and Ripton & Co. are making some serious jorts from the sound of it, the brand is having fun with the debut. Usually we filter press releases to cut through marketing hyperbole, but Ripton & Co have crafted a pretty fun release, pasted below.

December 19, 2019 (Western Slope, Colo.) – Forged from the depths of an abandoned ski motel slated for demolition, Ripton & Co. introduces the most advanced active, performance, technical, stretch jort ever. Combining surf ethos and technical performance, Ripton & Co. introduces a new self-expression, with an acid-washed stretch jort that screams “Take me home tonight.”  

Ripton & Co. Jorts are made of super stretch four-way denim gusseted with advanced taint cooling technology. From smooth trannies on your enduro bike, to spring skiing at the Yellowstone Club, action jorts are made to turns heads as you blow by the blowhards. Ripton & Co. Jorts have traditional denim pocketing, and plan to start a lot of other traditions, like Jorth of July, Tim Jorton’s, and Soup du Jort Sundays.

“There are so many ways for bikers and skiers to represent their outdoor culture on their tops and hats, but your legs are what you’re actually using to ride,” says Ripton & Co. Jort Lord, Elliot Wilkinson-Ray. “Ripton & Co. aims to bring attention to the lower half of the body, to make shorts synonymous with Loam God and Powder Hound.”

Ripton & Co. is dedicated to sustainability and thinks you should be too. Instead of buying jeans and cutting them into jorts, buy jorts that were designed to be jorts. Ripton & Co. saves over 50% of the fabric that would otherwise end up in landfills or get turned into questionable headbands.

We’ve tested dozens of fabrics and been through 5 rounds of samples (over 3 years) to find a fabric and fit that we love. We’ve ridden across Thailand, Colombia, and the UK testing their resilience over time. 

Ripton & Co. Jorts are highly packable and come in two styles: hemmed or cut-off, depending on how denimite you want to look. Both styles retail for $89. Find your jorts at