Nukeproof Introduces Kid-Friendly MTB Cockpit Goods

These kid-friendly mountain bike cockpit parts from Nukeproof are properly sized and properly priced.
All photos courtesy Nukeproof.

This week Nukeproof unveiled a new saddle, pedal, handlebar, and grip in a line they’re calling Urchin. That’s urchin, as in a “small child, especially one who behaves badly and is dirty or untidily dressed,” not the sea creature. Everything is designed to offer many of the same performance benefits of adult MTB components, but sized with smaller riders in mind.

Take the Urchin flat pedal for example. It’s about 3cm narrower than the Sam Hill Horizon flat pedal it’s based on and weighs 70g less. Like the adult pedals, this one features replaceable pins, an alloy body, and dual-sealed, internal bearings. Priced at £60 ($64USD), these are cheaper than the adult version too.

Nukeproof Urchin bars are 700mm wide and are cuttable down to 640mm. The 7050 aluminum bar is sized to work with standard diameter grips.

Speaking of grips, the Urchin lock-on grips are narrower at 115mm to keep hands and fingers close to the controls. The 30.8mm diameter would be generally considered a size small for adult grips, so it should be pretty comfortable for kids with average-size hands.

Priced at just £20 for the bars and £20 for the grips (about $25USD), these are both very affordable upgrades.

Rounding out the Urchin cockpit, a kid-friendly saddle is available.

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