Northwave Launches Yeti Winter Bike Shoe

The Yeti winter bike shoe from Northwave is designed for fat biking and has an SPD cleat attachment, is rated to -13

As if we don’t already have enough brands and products with the name “Yeti,” Northwave chose that moniker for one of their newest products, a well-conceived winter shoe. While this product toes the line between “shoe” and “boot,” the flexible upper on the Yeti is designed to allow freedom of movement while pedaling, a trait that some winter fat biking boots inhibit.

The pull laces tuck neatly away beneath the velcro closure. The outsole is heavily-lugged with Michelin rubber, with an SPD cleat attachment.

The Yeti is rated down to -25°C, or -13°F.

While the name may be a cliché at this point, the design and engineering that’s gone into the Yeti winter shoe shows promise, and I would personally jump at the chance to use it for my winter fat biking forays.

MSRP: $279