9 Great Winter Products to Keep You Warm Head-to-Toe

Now more than ever before, mountain biking 12 months per year is achievable regardless of where in the world you live. Fat bikes are a major part of that change, but constantly-improving winter clothing and gear is also making a huge impact.

With these 9 great winter products, you’ll be warm and covered from head to toe:

45NRTH Lung Cookie Balaclava

MSRP: $45


Offered in one size fits all, the Lung cookie is unique compared to other versions of the balaclava. It comes with double layers of wool flat stitched together for maximum comfort, an added Polartec face panel for protection and breathability, and according to 45NRTH, the Lung Cookie was the first balaclava that incorporated a brimmed opening. This balaclava extends far down the neck for maximum coverage and comfort. Read the full review here.

-Syd Patricio

45NRTH Sturmfist 5 Gloves

MSRP: $100


The Sturmfist 5 gloves are rated by 45NRTH to -9°C / 15°F. I have personally used these gloves comfortably in much lower temperatures than those. When using them on my fat bike, I found them to be quite comfortable. On cold days closer to the bottom of their usefulness, my hands still felt nice and comfortable. Some of the warmer days when the temps climbed up to +2°C / 35°F, my hands still felt great. Catch the full review here.

-Syd Patricio

45NRTH Wolvhammer Shoes

MSRP: $325


The Wolvhammer shoes from 45NRTH have become widely-regarded as the industry leader in cold weather cycling footwear. And Helena agrees: “I can confidently say that my cold little toes have never been happier, and the Wolvhammers have definitely made winter riding much more comfortable.” Be sure to read the full review here.

Funkier Arm Warmers

MSRP: $19.57


The Funkier arm warmers fit well, were quite warm, were durable, and looked good. What more can you ask for $20? Stay tuned for Michael Paul’s detailed Funkier arm warmer, knee warmer, and shoe cover review.

Hincapie Arenberg Knee Warmers

MSRP: $35


These knee warmers from Hincapie are affordable at just $35, but they’re also extremely high-quality. A durable construction combined with strong wind-blocking panels and a fleece-lined interior kept my legs nice and toasty. But the best part? The strong elastic bands and a rubber treatment both inside and outside along the upper edge provided a secure, no-slip fit.

Bonus: these knee warmers are long, covering almost all the way down to the ankle (on my short legs, anyway).



Hincapie Arenberg Zero Shoe Covers

MSRP: $65


Hincapie has shown that they know how to produce dependable products, and the Arenberg Zero Shoe Covers are no exception. These shoe covers offer great features and construction, and best of all, they’re durable over the long term. Read the full review here.

Showers Pass Refuge Jacket

MSRP: $279


“While not specifically designed for fat biking, this jacket. . .[is] a product of forward-thinking garment engineers who obviously spend a lot of time in the outdoors. The shell [is] versatile enough to use for skiing or mountaineering, but with obvious cues to cyclists such as the drop down tail and reinforced. . .shoulders.”

Read the full review here.

-Michael Paul

Showers Pass Refuge Pant

MSRP: $225


“I took a nice slider into some deep powder (and frozen ground) while flying downhill and trying to ride a berm, and I can attest to both the durability of the fabric and how well it keeps the snow out. Even in deeper powder, not once did I ever have a problem with snow getting in. . . .

Similarly, I found that these are very breathable, and never had a problem collecting condensation on the inside as long as I layered appropriately–something I credit to the well-designed vents I keep complimenting.”

Catch the full review here.

-Michael Paul

Zoic Really Long Socks

MSRP: $15

2015-03-19 zoic socks

The Zoic Really Long Socks are built for rugged backcountry adventures that provide a bit more calf protection from chaffing flora and for cooler days. Made with 70% Spun Polyester, 12% Nylon, 18% Spandex they have an over the calf 18-inch cut that settles right below the knee. They’re available only in black and come in two sizes: small/medium, and Large/X-Large. The fit is snug, and some riders with larger calves (like me) might find these a bit too snug near the top. They stretch a bit as you ride, but I preferred to pedal with them bunched right below the calf due to the fit and the look–plus I always ride with beefy knee pads. They do an excellent job of moisture wicking and keeping the lower leg warm, and are perfect for both milder summer temps and early fall weather. I would recommend these over using leg warmers, because even if you ride with them down, you can always pull them up if the weather turns foul or your legs get beat up by tight brush.

-Michael Paul