News: RockyMounts Releases Versatile Brass Knuckles Tray

Bike racks these days seem to be designed for a very specific application: they’ll work well with one type of bike, but not with others. Or they might attach to one sort of cross bars, but aren’t compatible with a different one. Well, RockyMounts just announced their new, versatile Brass Knuckles tray, which is designed to accommodate virtually any bike type and to mount on virtually any system of cross bars:

Designed to be versatile, BrassKnuckles will handle everything from the burliest downhill rigs to road bikes, 29ers to 20-inch wheels, and comes with patented form fitting universal mounting hardware to fit any style of crossbar. Engineered using the highest quality materials and designed to be the most aerodynamic upright mount on the market, the BrassKnuckles is crafted from non-corrosive aluminum and features a pivoting arm assembly integrated into the wheel tray and mounting head to provide a low profile, giving the product a stealthy look that enhances the user’s vehicle, and reduced drag to increase fuel efficiency. The innovative pivoting arm has also been engineered to allow for efficient driver-side or passenger-side installation, saving both retail partners and customers time and money.

The Brass Knuckles will retail for $200 and will be available in a variety of colors in spring of 2014.

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