Topeak Focuses on Integration in Latest Product Line

While talking to the rep from Topeak, it was apparent that they’re focused on adding as many features to their products as possible. This seems to be an industry-wide trend as well, with many companies looking to integrate tools into frames and storage into clothing.

For those that commute on their mountain bikes, or find themselves riding urban trails at night, Topeak has their iGlow line of accessories. They add LED lights to things like saddle bags and fenders to increase visibility.

Topeak's iGlow fender and saddle bag
Topeak’s iGlow fender and saddle bag

To simplify POV camera mounting, Topeak offers the Sport Camera Multi-Mount. It works with GoPro, Sony, and Shimano cameras to swap easily from your helmet to handlebar to saddle.

DSC_9954 DSC_9955

It’s easy to over-torque bolts on carbon components, which is why Topeak is offering the Nano Torqbox. There are three preset options of 4, 5, and 6 Nm, to cover most of the common bike needs. Each one is sold separately.

The Nano Torqbox turns your multitool into a torque wrench

As our recent survey concluded, Topeak is probably best known for their pumps, and they continue to improve upon them. The Joe Blow Dualie incorporates two separate gauges–one 0-30 PSI and another from 30-80 PSI–to cover fat bike tires as well as typical mountain bike tires. Fat bikes are very sensitive to small changes in tire pressure, so having an accurate gauge is crucial.

Topeak Joe Blow Dualie

For easier seating of tubeless tires, Topeak has the Joe Blow Booster. Like the Charger pump from Bontrager, you first fill up a large chamber on the pump itself and then blast that air into your tire to get the tire bead to snap into place.

Joe Blow Booster