News: MRP Releases SXg Chainguide


With the prevalence of narrow/wide chain rings, you’d think that innovation in chainguides would have dried up. Not if the folks at MRP have anything to say about it. Today they announced a new guide called the SXg. So what makes this one notable?

When it comes to chain guides, you typically have two options: a top-only guide, or a full-on guide with a bottom pulley. The full guide is obviously the most secure, but that lower pulley can add significant drag to your drivetrain. The SXg guide uses an all-new passive lower guide, which MRP calls the Whippersnapper. It’s intended to keep your chain from derailing in rough terrain or on big compressions, like drops.

Instead of a pulley in the lower, they use a TPU material that’s co-molded into the guide. The rest of the lower guide is nylon and acts as skid to protect your ring from damage, should you drag it over rocks or logs. The top guide also uses a TPU material to keep the chain running smoothly and quietly. Two backplate options are available–alloy or carbon–and there are two sizes to accommodate either 30-34T or 34-38T rings.

Swingset hardware allows for easy adjustments
Swingset hardware allows for easy adjustments

For easy setup and adjustment, MRP uses their Swingset hardware, which requires just a single 4mm allen for mounting. If you need to swap rings or service your cranks, the upper and lower guides swing out of the way for easy access.

Weights range from just 106g for the carbon backplate version to 149g for the alloy. Pricing ranges from $170-$225.

Check out the new SXg in action below: