New Minimalist Bags by Evoc, Maximalist Bags by Ortlieb

Go big or small on your mountain bike rides with these bags from Ortlieb and Evoc.

The Ortlieb Atrack BP bag. Photo: Matt Miller.

Looking to get most of your cargo off your back and on the bike for a day? Evoc has some new bags that’ll help. Want to pack as much as humanly possible for a multi-day trip? Then Ortlieb can help.


The bags have different attachment points all around them for fitting to any bike.

As mountain bikers have moved toward smaller packs over the years by using fanny packs instead of hydration packs, it was only a matter of time before there were choices for an even simpler setup.

With these top tube bags and small frame bags, you can ditch the fanny pack and ride with everything on the bike. The Top Tube bag comes in one small size, mounts behind the stem, can hold a phone and a few other small items, and retails for $40.

Evoc’s Multi-Frame Pack comes in a small size for $45 and a roomier size for $50, and is made to be mounted in the joint of a frame. It should hold a tube, multitool, and a pump.


The new Race Belt from Evoc costs $45 and is a minimalistic version of a hip-belt, similar to the Race Face Rip Strip. It will pack a pump, tool, gloves, and a few other small items.


The Ortlieb Atrack BP is on the opposite end of the cargo spectrum. The Atrack BP is a big, brute of a bag made for bikepacking, hence the BP abbreviation. The bag has Tizip zippers which are waterproof and airtight. The Atrack BP is waterproof, can carry a 2L hydration bladder, has a 25L volume, and will sell for $265 later this summer.

The Ortlieb bag unzips down the back to access a huge compartment. Photo: Matt Miller.

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