New Carbon ROAM 60 29″ Wheels from SRAM

SRAM’s ROAM wheels occupy the middle ground in their line between the lightweight, cross country RISE wheels, and the burlier RAIL wheels. Within the Roam line, there are four tiers, with the Roam 60s sitting at the top. A 27.5″ size has been available for about a year and a half, but SRAM just released the wheels in a 29″ diameter.


The rims are carbon with an internal width of 30mm, which should give trail tires a nice, large footprint. They’re built around SRAM’s Double Time hubs which offer fairly speedy engagement at 6.9 degrees. SRAM stuck with straight-pull spokes and upped the spoke count from the 27.5″ version from 24 to 28. The extra spokes help keep the larger rims laterally stiff. To make repairs easier, SRAM designed the wheels to use a single spoke length front to rear, as well as drive side to non-drive side. In another nod to durability, the nipples used are brass, which are heavier than alloy, but much easier to work with. Also, unlike some carbon wheels, the nipples are external to make truing a breeze.

SRAM offers the wheels in most axle configurations including QR, 15×100, and of course, Boost. Claimed weights are 835g (front) and 955g (rear). They’ll be available at retail outlets next month at $1,900 for the set.

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