Mystery revealed: Singletrack vs. Singletracks


When I first started writing this blog on a regular basis back in January, I alluded to the fact that I was calling this the “Singletrack” blog rather than the “Singletracks” blog. Subtle difference, yes, but perhaps perplexing for some. Well perplex yourself no more…

When we first started out 9 years ago we really wanted to call the site but as you might have guessed, that name was taken (it is in fact still owned by a printer software company). Undeterred, we chose and the name has really grown on us – now it seems to have a ring to it that just can’t match. We were actually quite lucky to even purchase because, unbeknownst to us at the time, had a life before trek7k and mudhunny took over in 1998. In 1996 was the home to “South Coast Single Tracks,” a site covering the local MTB scene in Orange County, CA. (For the record singletrack is one word, not two, and singletracks is not capitalized unless it starts a sentence.) We’re not sure what happened to that site but their loss of interest was our ticket to a sweet domain. Check out the singletracks archive to get a glimpse of the changes over the years (including the South Coast Version).

Fast forward to January 2007 when this blog officially began (yes there are older articles but those were not originally “blogged”). Anyway around this time we briefly considered shifting the brand away from the plural toward the singular but we quickly realized this was a mistake. Singletracks is who we are and who we’ve been for 9 years and we’re proud of that. We’ll leave the Singletrack brand to the beer company and the printer software guys 😉

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