MTB Trail Difficulty Ratings & IMBA Epics Posted

We rolled out a couple new features on singletracks this week that we’re pretty stoked about.

The first is trail difficulty ratings based on the IMBA trail rating system. We’ve been asking folks to choose a difficulty rating whenever they review a trail and we finally have enough data to start posting the averages on trail and state pages. The ratings range from ‘easiest’ (white circle) to ‘most difficult’ (double black diamond) and cover everything in between. So far it seems the most common trail rating is intermediate (blue square) but we’ll be interested to see if that changes over time as more folks provide their input.


We’ve also added badges to official IMBA Epic trail pages to let you know which trails are on the list. If you see the ‘EPIC’ symbol next to a trail title you can click it to see the list of singletracks trails designated IMBA Epics. In building this list we noticed that we’re missing descriptions of some of the IMBA Epics, particularly those in the northern mid-west. If you see we’re missing a trail, please add it and send us a message so we can get it on the Epic list.

Stay tuned, more cool stuff to come this summer. Have a great 4th of July!

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