MTB News Mix: More Affordable Scott Gambler Builds, JensonUSA Adds House-Brand Carbon Bars, and MTB Hall of Fame Inductees

New cockpit offerings from Jenson USA and Industry Nine, an aluminum Scott Gambler, and MTB Hall of Fame inductees.

MTB News Mix is a weekly update of all things mountain biking where we cover new products, pro races, athlete news, and more. This week includes 2019’s Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductees, a more affordable alternative to the new Scott Gambler, and new cockpit options.

2020 Scott Gambler now in aluminum

The new Scott Gambler DH bike hit the market not long ago, and now the brand offers comparable, yet more affordable alloy versions. Scott says that they didn’t want to just carbon copy the carbon frame, they wanted it to stand alone as an alloy model.

First things first: the alloy Gambler needed to match the carbon version’s stiffness and also be lightweight. Scott gave themselves a target weight that they wanted to hit without sacrificing stiffness.

The aluminum model does indeed lower the price and full builds start around $4,150. For more information, visit the Scott website.

2019 Mountain Bike Hall of Famers

Director of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Otis Guy announced the inductees for this year. Tim Neenan, Myles Rockwell, Rebecca Rusch, and Derek Westerlund have all been chosen. The induction ceremony will take place September 13-14 in Fairfax, California at the Marin Museum of Bicycling and MBHoF.

Tim Neenan designed the very first Specialized Stumpjumper, the first widely produced and accepted mountain bike.

Myles Rockwell was one of mountain bike racing’s first big personas. Rockwell’s personality attracted major sponsorship and TV appearances, and later on he helped research and develop mountain bike technology.

Rebecca Rusch has been a mountain bike adventurer and endurance athlete for years and years. Her latest project and Red Bull film Blood Road documented her journey to visit her father’s crash site and resting place in Vietnam, shedding light on the unexploded ordnance problem left in the region.

Derek Westerlund is a freeride mountain biker who has spent 25 years pioneering the entertainment space in action sports. He is the director and founder of Freeride entertainment which produced films like Rad Company and New World Disorder.

Jenson USA in-house brand Revin drops new bars

Revin Cycling, Jenson USA’s in-house brand debuted two new sets of handlebars, an enduro set and a trail set.

The E35 Enduro Bar, priced at $95, is made of unidirectional carbon fiber. The bar has a 7° backsweep, 5° upsweep, and a 35mm clamp diameter. Revin focused on ride quality and small bump compliance with the E35.

The T31 Trail Bar (also $95) sticks with a 31.8mm clamp diameter for a less stiff feel. T31 bars are also made with a unidirectional carbon layup and have 7° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep.

Industry Nine A318 stem now on the market in an array of colors

The A318 stem rounds out the Industry Nine cockpit offerings. It’s made for a 31.8mm handlebar diameter, but also has fit options for 35mm clamps.

The stem is completely produced in I9’s facility in Asheville, NC, including the machining, anodizing, and assembly. They are available in 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm lengths.