Meet the KEEN Coronado Cruiser Shoe


Hi folks, here’s another cool product from KEEN geared toward mountain bikers: The Coronado Cruiser ($80 MSRP). Although it’s not really a technical riding shoe, this is one of those products that is great to just kick around in. As its name implies, this shoe is for cruising (stylin’ while ridin’) and it kinda brings me back to the days before complicated, high tech bike equipment.

The Coronado Cruiser combines breathable canvas, soft leather, and recycled rubber to make a relaxed summer shoe. The sole is made up of two different compounds: the outer sole is harder, longer-wearing, and non-marking while the inner sole hides a panel of soft rubber under the ball of the foot to help your foot grip the pedals.

One of the coolest things about the Coronado shoes is that they’re made from recycled materials. With an eye toward the environment, Keen has chosen to use recycled rubber in the soles and recycled aluminum in the hardware. Even the packaging material is recycled. How’s that for corporate responsibility?


Taking these to the street on both my mountain and DJ bikes I found these shoes to be pretty grippy on flat pedals. Now these are not a shoe to hit the slopes with, but on those lazy days when you’re just riding around for fun, these fit the bill nicely. Still, there’s a bit of added room in the protected toe box and the area under foot is reinforced for stiffness which translates into greater pedaling efficiency.

Check out KEEN and their expanded Spring/Summer 2010 Pedal Shoe Collection. These shoes meet the basic needs of cyclists with stylish, comfortable shoes, socks, and bags that are ready to roll. The Pedal Collection includes KEEN cycling favorites, as well new styles that will enhance the biking lifestyle and should be available in stores now.


– 3/4 length plate for increased energy return and support
– Non-marking rubber outsole
– Soft rubber forefoot pod for pedal grip
– Vulcanized eco-friendly construction

Thanks to the folks at KEEN for providing the Coronado Cruiser shoe for review.

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