Sorry for the super late post today, hopefully everyone was able to get through the work day without dying from boredom. 🙂 A couple interesting/humorous MTB items for your review.

The Mad Cow Motorcycle


photo courtesy nytimes.com.

What do you get when you combine bike parts, an electric motor, and a cow skeleton? This thing. Singletracks member kingerik sent this one in last week and it’s from artist Billie Grace Lynn. We’d love to see a literal interpretation of the old Trek Antelope mountain bike from the old days by Lynn – now that would be bad ass.

If Chuck Norris Were a Mountain Bike…

A friend sent me a link to this MTB classified listing today and I nearly bought the bike on the spot. Some choice quotes from the ad:

I ride this bike everyday. Not for fun or sport like the spandex boys, but to hunt and kill food. I know for a fact that this bike will jump over canyons, climb trees, kill bears, and forge rivers…

The bike says K2 pro-flex 4000 on the side of it. I dont know what that means. It probably means it can kill an elephant. The bike is red, so the blood wont show on it.

Based on what I read, the $600 asking price seems like a real bargain. Jump on this mountain bike before it’s gone. 🙂

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