Longest jump on a mountain bike & other MTB world records


Markus Stockl on his way to a world MTB speed record.

Mountain bikers are always looking for new ways to push the envelope – mountain biking wouldn’t be an extreme sport if we weren’t. Here are a few MTB records we were able to uncover and a few records we’d like to see made official:

Longest jump on a mountain bike: As far as we can tell the record for the longest jump on a mountain bike is held by Jason Rennie and was set in February, 2007. Rennie was pulled up to speed by a motorcycle at 82mph and launched 133.5 feet from ramp to ramp. The bike? An off the shelf Kona – not a bad endorsement 😉

Fastest mountain bike run: You’ve probably seen the YouTube video by now of Eric Barone’s spectacular crash in his attempt to break his own world speed record on the mountain bike (just over 100mph) but that’s old news. The CURRENT world record is held by Markus Stockl who rode 130.74mph down a 45-degree slope in Chile on an Intense M6 mountain bike. I have a feeling that record will stand for a while.

World’s longest mountain bike race: It’s the Great Divide race and it follows the route of the same name from Canada to Mexico across the Rocky Mountains. The race is held in late spring / early summer each year and covers 2,700+ miles.

Longest mountain bike wheelie: Ok, this one isn’t too official but I found a video of a guy on GuinessWorldRecords.com who claims to have ridden the longest mountain bike wheelie – 1.43 miles. This sounds impressive but not unbeatable – in fact I’m sure some of our readers could do better with a little practice. One to break this year?

If you’re looking to create your own mountain bike record, here are some we’d like to see documented:

  • Most expensive mountain bike ever assembled
  • Longest continuous ride (Chris Eatough or another 24 solo rider probably has a lock on this one)
  • Biggest MTB landed drop (rumor has it the record is between 68 and 90 feet but we couldn’t find confirmation)
  • Highest bunny hop
  • Lowest MTB limbo
  • Largest continuous singletrack trail network
  • Most pro-level MTB race wins
  • Largest MTB race

What other mountain bike records are out there?

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