Latchit Rack Extends Pickup Bed Space, Carries 6 Mountain Bikes

The Latchit bike rack opens up valuable cargo space and adds an integrated lock to most pickup trucks.

So you crammed six smelly pals into the cab of your pickup, and lined their mountain bikes across the tailgate. Where does all of the riding gear go? For the folks at Latchit Rack there had to be a better way to utilize a pickup truck’s cargo space. They designed a bike rack system that extends the tailgate by another few feet, opening up space in the bed for helmets and bags.

This unique bike rack is available in three sizes to fit small, medium, and full size trucks. Instead of a tailgate pad it has a pocket to store your spares and anything that you don’t want to blow out of the bed. It features an integrated lock should you all need to run into the brew pub for anything. Latchit Rack says that your bike’s fork stanchions are safe with their system, since the fork crown rests against the padded rack instead of the precious stanchion sitting on the pad. The rack is priced at $399.

The video below shows how the rack works in a full size truck bed.

Head over to the Latchit Rack website for more info.