Kuat and Yakima Release Nearly Identical Rack Swing Adaptors

Kuat and Yakima have released nearly identical hitch mounts that allow a bike rack to swing out of the way of the rear of a vehicle.

Kuat Pivot

Kuat and Yakima released nearly identical products at Interbike this year. Basically, both of these products are hitch extensions that give you the ability to swing your hitch rack out of the way of the rear of your vehicle, providing easy access to whatever else you might be hauling with you. Unlike some other bike racks where the swing function is built into the base rack, both of these adaptors slide into your hitch, and basically provide a new hitch receiver to slide your current bike rack into.

Kuat Pivot

Kuat’s version is called the Pivot and will retail for $295.

Yakima BackSwing

Yakima’s version is called the BackSwing and will retail for $299.