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The Denver Post published an article yesterday on the “Ghost Bike” phenomenon that’s gaining steam in cities like New York, Denver, and San Francisco. After a cyclist was struck and killed by a car in Lafayette, CO a bike, spray painted completely white, appeared at the intersection with a sign memorializing the fallen rider. Ghost bikes also serve as a reminder to cars and riders to be more respectful of one another.

There’s somewhat of a mystique around who plants the ghost bikes and what happens to them when they disappear. A New York filmmaker is creating a documentary exploring the idea which sounds pretty interesting. I really like the idea of memorializing fallen riders and I wouldn’t be surprised if the concept started popping up on more mountain bike trails.

You can find out more about ghost bike memorials at ghostbike.org. Keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re out and pay your respects.

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  • trailrider247

    i passed by one of those ghost bikes everyday for the past two years on my way to work and it was just recently removed, but it wasnt painted white, the bike was the one that the guy was ridding when he got hit just stripped down of its componets, if i remember i think it was a hit and run but when the driver found out the cyclist died the driver turned them self in

  • Amateur_Soldier

    Thats eerie, but in a really nice way. Good way of reminding people of the dangers of being a cyclist, especially on the roads.

  • eastwood

    I had never heard of this before, but I think it is a great way to remember those we’ve lost as well as educate the public. We aren’t invincible and drivers need to pay more attention – hopefully with movements like this we can all get on the same page.

  • bikenut1

    I have seen a ghost bike being stolen once!! wow how low can you get . when i drove back by he was cuffed and going bye bye.

  • element22

    We have been doing that a while here in Toronto unfortunately I see that too often on street corners and busy interesections.

  • dozzerboy

    I think there was one at the place where a car hit a deer and then the deerflew and hit a kid riding by on his bicycle. Wow what a freak accident…

  • AK_Dan

    You’ll see one of these around Anchorage at times also. Just seen one in Tucson also, I think its a great idea as long as the word gets to motorist what they mean.
    In a bike related discussion recently I heard the statement regarding communities; ” ‘bike friendly’ should go all the way to prosecussion”, I think Id have to agree with that one. To many motorist are let off the hook from these accidents.

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