Free MTB Game for iOS and Android: Red Bull’s Bike Unchained


Most–ok, all–true mountain bikers would rather be out on the trail than sitting inside playing video games, but we know life isn’t all singletrack and sunshine. So when boredom strikes or the trails turn to mud, Red Bull’s Bike Unchained is there to pick up the slack!


This free iOS and Android smartphone game from Red Bull allows you to compete in enduro, DH, and slopestyle events. The game features star athletes like Aaron Gwin, Brandon Semenuk, and Rachel Atherton. Not only that, many of the courses in the game are modeled after real bike trails like A-line in Whistler. Funnyman Claudio Caluori is the game’s guide, helping your along the way.


In Story Campaign mode, there’s some type of plot going on but honestly I didn’t read any of the text on the screen–I just wanted to shred! As you progress through the game, you unlock additional levels while earning virtual gear and swag from game sponsors like Specialized and GT. There’s even a competition mode where you can race against friends.

There appear to be in-app purchases but I didn’t find any to be remotely enticing–there’s no real grinding in this game, just shredding (and clicking ok to bypass all the storyline screens and bike upgrades, if you’re like me).

In my opinion the graphics are pretty good and the controls are relatively easy to master (you get a chance to get familiar with the controls in the first few levels.) This game is no substitute for riding but it’s still a fun way to pass the time!

Search for Bike Unchained wherever you purchase smartphone apps.