2010 Singletracks Mountain Bike Blog Highlights

As we close out another year of mountain biking we thought we’d look back on some of your (and our) favorite posts from 2010. Here are five articles we think are worth going back and reading again or reading for the first time in case you missed them!

Durango to Moab

Over the summer I got a chance to ride a 220-mile hut-to-hut trip from Durango to Moab with some friends and it was epic to say the least. We rode singletrack above treeline, forest roads shaded by Aspen trees, and descended legendary Moab trails including Hazard County, Kokopelli’s Trail, and Porcupine Rim. Read the daily ride reports here: Day 1, Days 2 & 3, Days 4 & 5, and Days 6 & 7.

In 2011 I’ll be starting the year off with a new “29 trails in 29 days” adventure.

Banshee Legend II Build

This article got everyone drooling, including XC-weenies like me. Element22 recently built up a sick DH machine based on the Banshee Legend II frame and he’s already started giving us some preliminary component reviews. Once the snow melts in 2011 we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this monster bike!

Trestle and Northstar Bike Park Reviews

We got a chance to sample DH trails at Trestle Bike Park (Winter Park, CO) and Northstar (Tahoe, CA) this summer and as you can imagine we had a blast. Admittedly mudhunny and I aren’t the most experienced DH riders so we got a little professional instruction that paid off a ton. Now we can’t wait to get back on the slopes again!

IMBA World Summit

In May we attended the IMBA World Summit and learned about the practical side of mountain bike trail advocacy. One of the articles that came out of the trip, about Illegal Mountain Bike Trails, spurred some interesting discussions about the topic.

Singletracks iPhone App

We got a lot of comments on an article announcing the free singletracks iPhone app, though admittedly many folks were asking when we were coming out with an Android app! Have no fear, we’re increasing our mobile efforts this year and hope to have more similar news in 2011.

Of course there was a lot of news from 2010 we weren’t able to mention here (Interbike, product reviews, trail reports, etc.) but these highlights should give an idea of where we’re heading in 2011. Happy New Year!

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