Not everyone is a member of a local bike club, though most of us benefit directly or indirectly from their work. Tell us about your relationship with your local mountain bike club.

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  • Mtb_ctlm

    My girlfriend and I are members of the Central Connecticut chapter of NEMBA (New England Mountain Biking Association). When I saw how much my local trails improved back in 2015 fro their work, I wanted to become a part of the organization and give back by helping build more trails. After helping build trails, I can honestly say I enjoy riding them more, when you’ve had a physical hand in helping design and build them.

  • watusi512

    I was a member of Team Dirt (Corvallis) for some years, but I have been traveling for the last year so I’m not in any place long enough…

  • ryguy79

    No – other. The local trail groups mostly build boring xc trails and I don’t want to give my time to more of the same. I do ride with a regular group of guys, centered around the local shop, but we’re not a club unless you count winter trail grooming as a club.

  • Head Over Handlebars

    I’m technically not a member but I’m out doing trail work every week. We’re building a skills park and this allows me to have a hand in what gets built. I really enjoy building the types of features that I want to ride, and making sure that this place doesn’t turn into some smooth, boring xc loop.

  • svendn42

    Club rides here are too competitive. Too many egos involved that can’t see the fun and cameraderie for all the puffed out chests and willy waving. That said, I do help out with trail maintenance with a local group (not a member; I just like giving back for all the enjoyable rides I’ve had on their trails).

  • Timkennedy

    I don’t belong to a club because I mostly enjoy riding by myself, however I do do about 80% of the maintenance work on the trails in my area as my way to give back, and to say thank you for the great trails that I ride.

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