Mountain bike skills training

A couple weeks back I wrote about public high schools offering mountain biking courses. Now it’s time to talk about what adults can do to learn about mountain biking or improve existing singletrack skills.

Gene Hamilton is a mountain bike coach who runs a company dedicated to mountain bike instruction. His company, BetterRide, puts on clinics and camps, offers private coaching, and even dabbles in Internet coaching as well. Speaking of Internet coaching, alot of athletes who are serious about improving (and winner races) are using Lance’s former coach’s company, Carmichael Training Systems out of Colorado Springs. Almost 30% of singletracks users say they’re willing to pay monthly for an online MTB coach so that tells you something…

For those just starting out (or interested in trying mountain biking) there are a few groups that help teach the basics. Groups like Adventure Out in California offer beginning mountain bike classes as well as more advanced trips. In the UK there’s a new mountain bike training company called Transcend Trail Academy that offers classes from the fundamentals to advanced tech skills. Many local bike clubs and shops offer beginner clinics as well.

Getting started with mountain biking is easy but it’s important to understand the fundamentals, especially if you’re someone who gets frustrated easily. No matter your skill level, everyone can use a little professional instruction to get to the next level.

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