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tickledpickle   on Sep 11, 2011
added a review of Marshall Mesa Area

I access this trail through the Flatirons Vista trailhead, which I find to be more scenic. This is a fairly...
tickledpickle   on Jun 6, 2011
added a review of Heil Valley Ranch

Heil is a very nice trail surrounded by beautiful scenery and great wildlife. Came across wild turkeys and deer. Not...

A nice warm-up at the beginning on a wide path by a creek. Once you hit single track, it’s a...
tickledpickle   on May 9, 2011
added a review of 3 Sisters / Alderfer

A ton of fun! There is a bunch of trails and several great loops to choose from. Terrain varies from...
tickledpickle   on Sep 17, 2010
added a review of Falcon Trail

This trail beats everything I've ridden so far! What a gorgeous, sweet ride! There is nothing that I dislike about...
tickledpickle   on Sep 13, 2010
added a review of Hall Ranch

From Antelope trailhead: wow, this is a very fun trail with a couple of steep climbs but nothing too technical....
tickledpickle   on Sep 12, 2010
added a review of Bergen Peak

Beautiful trail and tons of fun but very technical. Lots of steep climbs and plenty of big rocks. Bergen was...
tickledpickle   on Sep 8, 2010
added a review of Sourdough Trail

This trail is more of an intermediate plus, borderline advanced. Very rocky and bumpy, on the way down, my hands...
tickledpickle   on Aug 28, 2010
added a review of Walker Ranch

This is the hardest trail that I have ridden so far, and I consider myself an intermediate rider. It's an...
tickledpickle   on Mar 4, 2007
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