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MCTolen   on Jul 26, 2018
replied to Creaking noise
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's the bottom bracket.  While it's easy to assume the bottom bracket, more often than not it's either (1) your pedals, or (2) your seat. ...
MCTolen   on Jan 3, 2018
replied to Missouri trails for beginner
I wouldn't rule out Northwest Missouri in the Kansas City Area just due to snow possibilities, which as you can see in the "Five to Ride" article has a lot of great...
MCTolen   on Jan 3, 2018
replied to Missouri trails for beginner
P.S. Another thought is that if you're already going the distance to southern Missouri...why not go a little farther and venture to Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville area??  Better weather, MUCH more trails...
Merry Christmas as well and Happy New Year to in the moment is all too important but (like mountain biking) takes a great training of the mind that is no small...
Hands down ride prep!  With a wife and young kids, time is a RARE commodity in our house.  In my wife's mind I'm always gone "ALL afternoon" Despite my pleas that my...
I would HIGHLY recommend Crested Butte, CO.  For one, great town to visit, park the car and ride all you want.  The lower loops out past Peanut Lake (rideable right from town) are IMO the BEST beginner/intermediate trails...
As far as a destination, I think it's awesome that the Midwest clearly has it's own mountain biking mecca as Bentonville/NW Ark. I live in Tulsa, OK (which you'd be surprised has it's own great urban wilderness trails in the city and nearby) and after countless drives to Colorado I'm very excited by what NWA…
Greg- Last summer I built up a 2015 Niner RIP 9 RDO and relied heavily on your previous review for both components and performance. I'm curious how you think the two (although now radically different) bikes stack up?? I've LOVED my RIP 9 RDO and a key part of my choice was how you and…
MCTolen   on Jun 8, 2017
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
If your spending that much time in the area, you really need to figure in a few days camping and riding at Crested Butte.  Not too far from Salida area.
Of all time, I'd probably have to say front suspension considering the vast majority of mountain bikes at least have a front suspension.  I've been to the Mtn. Bike Museum and Hall...
MCTolen   on Jun 5, 2017
replied to Favorite pre- bike ride food
For a late afternoon/evening ride...rice (brown), big time, and a lien protein usually chicken with some vegetables.  For regular morning rides, especially in the warmer months, I blend up a smoothy with...
MCTolen   on May 23, 2017
replied to Northwest Arkansas trail suggestions
In terms of Bentonville, AR you should definitely check out "The Back 40" in Blowing Springs (just north of Bentonville) for a lot of flow and short punchy climbs, make sure you...
MCTolen   on Apr 17, 2017
started a topic: Breckenridge, CO Trail Area Recommendations
The family and I are considering a July vacation to Breckenridge, CO.  What's anyone's take on riding in Breck and what trails would you recommend??  Kenosha Pass to Breck is highly ranked although I'm...
MCTolen   on Apr 1, 2014
checked in at Turkey Mountain
MCTolen   on Apr 1, 2014
created a My Trails
MCTolen   on Apr 1, 2014
added a photo of Giant XTC 29er
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