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2   on Jun 28, 2014
added a review of Government Trail

I have no idea how this trail is so highly rated. If you ride for views...there are none, if you...
the people who built/maintain the trails have a lot more invested than a bunch of tourists or money hungry promoter...racers...

More entertaining to me than slick rock, with half the crowds. The Sovereign proper does "stop" at 6 miles...but this...

Ability to tune in slack angle for individual rider, great balance, loves to wheelie (in a fun way, not the...   on May 22, 2013
added Swingletrack
This trail is often simply just called the "connector" trail between Avon and Edwards. Since a common nickname locally for...   on May 22, 2013
added a review of Chimney Gulch

Dont know how this trail is 10 miles...the official map shows it as 2.5 one way. If you are an...

Every now and then you need to ride a trail that takes you out of your comfort bubble and kicks...   on Apr 30, 2013
added Nottingham Ridge Trail
Great cross country ride with amazing views of Holy Cross, Mt. Jackson...etc. The trail itself can be fun with the...   on Apr 29, 2013
added a review of Captain Ahab

One of my favorite trails I have ever done. There are some great technical climbs and drops, all of which...
looks like you managed to visit on our dustiest year ever! Sorry you couldn't see it when the trails are...   on Oct 7, 2011
added a comment on Help Save 24 Hours of Moab
When it comes down to it, non-mainstream sports come down to tradition, not competition. maybe that is the trend everyone...   on Sep 12, 2011
added a review of Kessel Run

one of my favorite runs of all time...jumps, burms, speed, flow...great for beginners to advanced....dont miss it and go from...   on Sep 12, 2011
added a review of Zippety Do Dah

Super fun run with some great ridgeline descents and flowy tracks

i mean, its a 4x4 trail, and goes straight up....awesome?   on Aug 29, 2011
added a review of Trail 401

We camped at the Base of the trail at the Gothic Campgroud...super fun! The road up the trail is not hard...

So fun...climb isnt all that hard and the downhill is amazing!!!

srry, i meant to say that the school will be on your RIGHT...but that will be obvious!   on Aug 18, 2011
added Abrams / Worlds Greatest
This is one of the best trails in Eagle County, if not Colorado. The uphill is fairly easy with winding...

Great trail! The uphill on FS 700 is easy...i do want to point out that the trail junction mentioned where...   on Aug 6, 2011
added a review of A-10

One of my least favorite trails in Eagle County... Its a great workout, but overall the trail isnt much to...

Good afterwork trail...if you are visiting the area and looking for a classic ride go to eagle or vail... I...   on Jul 28, 2011
added a review of Boy Scout Trail

One of my favorite trails in Colorado. The downhill is super fun with nice burms and little rock jumps formed...   on Jul 28, 2011
added a review of Meadow Mountain

I fell in love with this trail. During the peak of summer this is one of the most scenic trails...   on Jul 18, 2011
added a comment on Maxxis Aspen 26x2.25 MTB Tire Review
Honestly, this tire it not for aggressive riders.... If you are one of the spandex riders who is just trying to...   on Jul 15, 2011
added a review of Eagle Vail Trail

I like this trail for the access after work. It only takes about an hour to get back to your...   on Jul 15, 2011
added Eagle Vail Trail
A rolling single track that has a few good ascents that will get your heart beating, and some fun turns...   on Mar 4, 2007
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