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I rememeber the days of bars so narrow you could ride with handcuffs. 70mm stem with 800mm, 25mm rise, 10 back, 6 upsweep for a trialsy good ride.
Sunspot   1 week ago
replied to Chain skips
I just replaced my chain after 1700 km now I have noticed that on gears 4 and 5 the chain skips do i also need, to replace the casette or chain rings or...
Sunspot   on Jan 21, 2020
replied to Tough choices
RSD Bikes MiddleChild...
Sunspot   on Jan 20, 2020
replied to Worn tires = fast tires?
Why not, provided the tread cap is still intact with no casing threads showing through. Use em til they are toast! If only there was an economical method to retreads with the price...
Sunspot   on Jan 20, 2020
started a topic: RSD Mayor Fatness!
The RSD Mayor V4 is on the prowl! Now that I have put this thing together, I'm experimenting with tires, wheels and of course the sliding dropouts. Sliders all the way forward and...
Sunspot   on Jan 17, 2020
added Wildcat
150/140mm travel full squish plusser.
Sunspot   on Jan 17, 2020
replied to Prioritization: Frame or Components
jaj23, I recommend trying as many as you can before making a decision with 3k. When you find one that really intrigues you, ask the shop if they would do a rental on...
I'll stick with my RSD Wildcat, thank you! The 2020 Wildcat is available in two build kits and either 27.5+ or 29 and $2200-3300. Sliding dropout is standard.  
Sunspot   on Jan 17, 2020
replied to Flip-chips and geo shifts
Cannot say I have done a flip chip however, sliding dropouts are a nice way to go. Frankly, I have a few drawings that are of custom geometry such as BB drop, HT/ST...
Sunspot   on Jan 12, 2020
replied to what mtb shoes do ya run
5 10 Guide Tennies.
Sunspot   on Dec 16, 2019
replied to Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2)
  2019 RSD MiddleChild. Setup as a single speed and fun as it gets!
Diag and resolve if a quick fix will take care of it. After the ride, sort it out...
Sunspot   on Dec 9, 2019
replied to Can I swap the cages on my derailleurs?
Some RD's can be changed in that One Up sells cage parts intended for use with "wide range" cassettes. Usually, the inner cage portion is staked in position but some are removable. Take...
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
spec'd a bike: RSD Bikes MiddleChild
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added a photo of RSD Bikes MiddleChild
My pithy little dirt racer! 2019 RSD MiddleChild
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added MiddleChild
Slack, steel plusser with a pithy attitude. This bike is a SS plus for dirt racing on flow trails.
Sunspot   on Dec 2, 2019
added MuleFut 50
Plusser wheels by Sun with Sun hubs in the middle.
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added 710
Single Speed chain
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added One Speed Automatic Transmission
Yup, you got it! It's a single speed with a little dry humor for kicks n grins! :D
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added Gradient
800 x 25 with 6 up, 9 back
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
added 15T Cog
15T Cog
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
replied to Are you riding "too much" tire?
Since I bought into the plus arena with the addition of four RSD plussers, I have tried tires ranging from 2.6 to 3.25. Frankly, I have zero interest in 2.6 or less on...
Sunspot   on Dec 1, 2019
replied to Winter riding layering questions
Keeping the core warm is the easy part. Digits, well, that's another issue all its own, seemingly! Ugh... I have low blood pressure so digi-chill is a major concern. Layering is the way to...
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