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  • in reply to: I need advice about my rims. #587763

    John, X-Acto knives are perfect for opening the stem hole.

    in reply to: For Sale: 2014 Fuel Ex 8 29er #586374

    Pfft! I had not paid that kind of shipping for a bike from Canadia to Colorado…

    No wonder the offer was rescinded on eBay…

    in reply to: rear hub / novatec #586373


    There are some very reasonable prices and color choices as well. They are in every axle width/style, 28,32,36 spoke option. Driver choices are HG, XD or MicroSpline, take your choice.

    Novatech are notorious for driver faults and failure.

    Some folks have had trouble with Hope factory bearings, I have never had issue with the bearings, ever. I own 6 sets of Hope hubs and find the quality and price to be very good. The only upgrade is Onyx if I’m going to break the bank since no other hub offers zero lash engagement.

    in reply to: “on your left” is now dangerous #585885

    Robert Dobbs

    Interesting. And “what if” the other hikers also had licenses to conceal and carry? Then we’d have a real-life John Wick 4……or Keystone Cops.

    Either scenario would be sub-optimal.

    It will be interesting to hear more about this forest melee.

    Not one of the possible scenarios can be a plus for our community. There are a number of folks that do conceal/carry regardless of knife or firearm… Chicago leads the pack on the streets in both departments, sadly… Now this crap moves to trails and it might get worse long before it gets better.

    Disappointing, indeed!

    As I stated in my previous post, will keep watch on the outcome of this situation and have no opinion until all facts are disclosed. Will we see the truth in this matter, not likely since there are two people that might not be honorable.


    in reply to: Rear shock clicking sound #585872

    Firstly, since you mention that two components do not function, those need resolved. Whether you use them or not, they are intertwined in the function of the shock as a unit. Valving is sounding like there is some debris in the works. The question now is how much damage is this condition causing in the interim?

    Have it serviced before you have to replace it entirely.

    in reply to: “on your left” is now dangerous #585871

    That story has to make us wonder what might have been the outcome had the cyclist been licensed to conceal/carry. Think carefully about this. Every day, Chicago has knifings and shootings side by side.       With the current state of the Onion, narcissism is a required subject.

    Now, with the case in the first post, how many people have the discovery file in hand to study? Over on MTBR, there are many armchair judges, juries and executioners that are spouting off without the kind of due process necessary to opine, so I for one shall refrain and let law enforcement and the courts have their opportunity to complete their respective duties.

    All in all, this type of story does make some of us ponder the “what if”.

    in reply to: Crank Stiffness, carbon vs. aluminum #585660

    Pfft! Plastic, no thankya. If I’ma droppin serious coin, Cane Creek Ti, *Mic Drop*

    in reply to: SUN RINGLE DEMON REPLACEMENT #585562

    Reach out to Sun and ask em for the parts. They may just be kind enough to send em your way at no charge. Those folks can be very kewl peeps.

    in reply to: Best mtb flat shoes other than five ten #585468

    Shimano ME5 SPD ?

    For use with platform pedals? Somehow that just doesn’t jive.

    in reply to: Opened my own business! #585467

    Old thread from 2013/2015 and the link is dead. Hmmm, does this venture still exist??

    in reply to: Can it be done on my Santa Cruz? #585466

    There should be plenty of space and adjustment for the setup to work. The derailleur should have travel for the upper pulley to line up with the largest and smallest gears. This is what the limit screws do,  is to set the maximum travel and prevent overrun. There is one labeled H and one labelled L for high and low gear limit.

    Frankly, I run 10 speed 11-36 and a short cage RD for the reliability of it and it keeps my bike’s junk outtat the dirt and debris.

    in reply to: Too much bike for south Florida ? #584380

    SWFL Dawg
    Hi.  I am new to the forum. I live in southwest Florida Dan ride caloosahatchie regional park. I am interested in a yeti sb130.  Is that too much bike for south Florida? I plan on hitting santos and Alafia too. I’m currently riding a hard tail but I’m ready for a fullsuspension bike I just want to make sure this one is not overkill.

    Frankly, ride what makes you smile!

    in reply to: Best mtb flat shoes other than five ten #584211


    I use to use trail running shoes, nice feel, comfortable, super light, but I hit my toes way to many times, pretty painful (numb at times), but with the Five Tens this has not happen, maybe once or twice, and it’s been almost a year. Never got that feeling since. Lot’s more padding now a days.

    BB height can do that to a bloke! I too have several pair of 5-10 Guide Tennies. Love the hell out of em but the old Waffle Racers are weightless by comparison and duplicate the feel of my Ribo trials shoes as close as I have found any other shoe. Now there is that natural feel and feedback through the pedals that speaks volumes. The Guides are nice but deaden that feedback which I frown upon. The low BB thing pisses me off cause getting stuck on a speed bump in front of the package store and calling AAA to get my bike towed is embarrassing!

    in reply to: Best mtb flat shoes other than five ten #582512

    Pfft! With most MTB specific shoes being like strapping 1″ plywood to my feet along with the lack of a service life, no thankya! Either I run approach shoes or for a better experience, my trials shoes are plain awesome for trail rippin’. Frankly, an old pair of ROM or Waffle Racers work wonders since they have a similar feel to trials shoes. Basis of all is indeed, trials!

    in reply to: Best tire for asphalt #582106

    Dank, asphalt is a known allergen to mountain bikes…

    in reply to: Help to identify bottom bracket type #581989

    If you’re standing on the driveside, the BB cups will tighten counterclockwise… Damn coffee I.V. is ineffective today!

    in reply to: Help to identify bottom bracket type #581988

    FKPhil, no Caliphate! Unless our bikes started one and didn’t tell us about their doings…

    As for the bike, it may have a few years under its belt but still would be a joy to be out rolling on two wheels. GO for it and have a hella good time riding.

    Note, BB shell and BB are oddly left and right hand threaded. Drive side loosens counterclockwise while the non drive side loosens clockwise… Pedals follow the same rules!



    in reply to: Kona Coiler drive train 1x hack #581987


    RD hangers have changed very little over the years. Back out the “b” bolt and try again. As for chain retention, a clutched RD is the answer. They have far more spring tension than non clutched RD’s, in addition, the clutch tends to maintain chain tension and eliminate chain slap that we all know too well.

    What range is the cassette? 36-11 for instance nets a below 1:1 ratio in the lowest end of range. Climbing is hardly impossible with the later wide range stuff. To the LBS and check their bins for used 10 speed stuff that can be had on the cheap! People think they have to buy into the latest to attain “Unicorn” status and discard the 10 speed stuff for 11 or 12 at an alarming rate!

    Climbing with my one speed automatic works and usually a geared rider is what is being passed on the ascent. My one speed automatic has a ratio of 2.2:1 so, not extremely short gears but not excessively tall either. Since I spin a stupid high cadence on the open flats, I can easily taunt a roadie on a bike path! It ends to piss em off being passed by a singlespeed steel plusser!

    Again, LBS’s takeoff bins are a treasure trove of 10 speed parts! At silly low prices, bonus!



    in reply to: Help to identify bottom bracket type #581979

    Glad to hep!

    LBS should have or be able to supply the proper puller for the crankset if the bolt does not do this. It was actually common for the ISIS type crankset to have a mounting bolt and insert that doubles as a removal tool.

    Make certain the tool is completely threaded into the crank arm to prevent pulling the threads out of the arm.


    in reply to: Help to identify bottom bracket type #581973

    That is an ISIS spindle BB. Proper crank arm puller works similarly to the old time square taper type puller.

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