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Tom Ford   1 week ago
started a topic: A-line and crabapple hits jump size
Bit of a silly question... Does anyone know the specific length of the 4th jump on Crabapple hits, and the biggest jumps on A-line at whistler? I think it must be the "moonbooter"...
Tom Ford   2 weeks ago
replied to Is whistler worth it for a rookie?
Haha glad you enjoyed it. Genuinely thought I was about to die on the last run of day 1!
Shralp.  I dont know what it means, but i sure do shralp the gnar...
Tom Ford   on Jun 20, 2019
started a topic: Is whistler worth it for a rookie?
Recently had a chance to ride whistler but I was terrified I wouldn't be good enough to make it down alive, let alone have a good time. I put a little (really long...
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