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TK34   1 week ago
replied to Help me choose a bike?
I can't tell you what to buy, because ultimately there isn't one perfect bike for everyone. But I will add that I am a big advocate of the dropper post and 1X...
TK34   1 week ago
replied to Lies we tell ourselves
I'm going to flip this a positive direction: "I don't have the skills for that drop/rock garden/gap." Until I get the balls to try it:-)
TK34   on Sep 10, 2019
replied to Dropper post on All Mountain bikes?
I'm a big believer in droppers for all types, especially for All Mountain (if what you're referring to is mid-level suspension travel that will be going both up and down hills). You...
TK34   on Sep 6, 2019
replied to Tubeless rims problem
My two cents that Plusbike and Rmap bring up a worthwhile point that everyone shouldn't just rush to tubeless because that's the cool thing. I've got two full squish bikes, one tubeless...
TK34   on Sep 6, 2019
replied to New Rider
I second Plusbike. For that budget, I would suggest one of the plus sized tire hardtails that he recommends. A full suspension for less than $1500 will be hard to find, and...
TK34   on Sep 4, 2019
replied to New member
First, I'll fully support the notion that if an eBike gets you outside and riding on any kind of trail that can support it, DO IT!  But I think the debate continues...
It depends on the type of lube. For an oil-based "wet" lube, I've found I can go much longer between re-lubing including when it gets wet. For that reason I use "wet"...
TK34   on Aug 22, 2019
replied to GPS vs Cycle Computer: Distance Accuracy
Thanks Jeff. I actually found and read this article before my post, but your follow-on statement about your subsequent test on a "dense and curvy" trail really speaks to my question, so...
TK34   on Aug 22, 2019
started a topic: GPS vs Cycle Computer: Distance Accuracy
I'm curious what other riders experience when comparing mountain bike distance traveled for a GPS app (like MapMyRide or Strava) vs. a cycle computer. For me, I've found that for road biking...
TK34   on Aug 22, 2019
replied to Entry level MTB upgrades
Like everyone says, don't overd0 the upgrades - just get riding. I agree with others that I would hold off on expensive upgrades like a fork or 1X gearing. But I'll chip...
TK34   on Aug 14, 2019
replied to colorado trails
Colorado is so wide-open with possibilities, its hard to single out one particular place. Crested Butte is on everyone's list, somewhat calendar dependent due to elevation. Grand Junction/Fruita area is drier, lower...
TK34   on Jul 23, 2019
replied to MTB in Oregon
I haven't been yet, but I've got Bend high on my list.
TK34   on Jul 2, 2019
replied to Looking to buy 1st mountain bike
I think you're on the right path - a quality hardtail is a great place to start. Marlin could be a very good fit if budget is a major concern, but if...
TK34   on Jun 29, 2019
replied to Hi, new member in Florida
I fully respect your effort to save some money, but check on the 1X gear setup and dropper post - can't recommend them enough. As for the 2.8" tires, I certainly don't...
TK34   on Jun 28, 2019
replied to Hi, new member in Florida
First, welcome! Strongly recommend you not worry about finding the "perfect" bike - make a good choice and get riding! Second, you're thinking makes a lot of sense for a hard tail...
TK34   on Jun 26, 2019
replied to BIG BOX against Established Brand
My two cents that I think the answer depends on how you're really going to use the bike. I personally wouldn't go cheap big-box, but if you're an occasional rider staying on...
A couple suggestions: 1) You should try dropping a few pounds of pressure - sweet spot for me is between 25-28psi but that is with full squish and 2.2" rims - I...
TK34   on Jun 25, 2019
replied to Looking at entry level full suspension
My advice depends on your experience level. If you're just starting out in the sport and not sure how much you'll get into it yet, I'd push you towards a quality hardtail...
TK34   on Jun 25, 2019
added a review of Little Scraggy

I'm stingy with the 5 stars, but I'll call this 4 stars with commentary that its a solid 4.5. Really...
TK34   on Jun 24, 2019
added a review of Flow Mama

Flow Mama, Seeley Pass, and Ojibwe Trail are a great section of the CAMBA trails. Mostly flow type with limited...
TK34   on Jun 23, 2019
replied to Having a hard time finding the right bike
I think you made a really good choice - that bike has everything you need to rip the trails, gain experience, and figure out what makes sense for your next step. Enjoy!...
TK34   on Jun 19, 2019
replied to Mountain bike biking z Tuscany
Hotel Massa Vecchia looked promising to me, but our itinerary got too full and I never pulled the trigger. But their website shows a lot of info for both off-road and road...
TK34   on Jun 18, 2019
replied to Having a hard time finding the right bike
Welcome Matt. I don't have "the" answer for you, and I don't think there is a single answer. But I will offer a few opinions to consider: 1) Don't worry about finding the...
TK34   on May 28, 2019
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
Older thread, but I'll chip in my two cents that I'll never go back to current technology front derailleur.  Yes, there is cost to convert an older bike (highly recommend narrow-wide chain...
TK34   on May 23, 2019
replied to Roots: Impediment or Feature?
That is a good debate, but for me its not black-and-white. I definitely see most tree roots and smaller rocks as features, and I don't want to see all the trails gravitate...
TK34   on May 22, 2019
replied to New phenomenon when getting air
I second the narrow-wide chain ring. I was having the chain jump nearly every ride with a chain guide, in fact one particular trail where the chain would jump at the exact...
TK34   on May 9, 2019
replied to e-bikes
I certainly get both perspectives, and I won't pretend to have "the" answer. On the one hand, I sure hope to be doing off-road close to my last days on earth, and...
1) there is no chance I could ride that climb from 5500 to 7500 feet, and I doubt I could ever get to the fitness/skill level to accomplish it. 2) it would have...
TK34   on May 7, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Be advised to your buddy that e-bikes on mountain bike trails is a sensitive issue with many, and on many trails they are not allowed. I suspect this will be an evolving...
TK34   on Apr 30, 2019
replied to
I concur. I've made a few purchases on Backcountry and had no issues.
TK34   on Apr 28, 2019
added a review of Hillside Park

I'll give it 3 stars, but understand that I give Twin Cities trails like Leb, Murphy, and Elm Creek 4...
TK34   on Apr 14, 2019
added a review of Back 40

I'm kind of between 3 & 4 stars on this loop, but I went 4 cause the effort and trail...
TK34   on Apr 14, 2019
added a review of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Solid 4 stars from me. Quality craftsmanship for these downhill runs, excellent jumps and table tops, cool hub area. But...
TK34   on Apr 14, 2019
added a review of Slaughter Pen Trail

I'm stingy with the 5 stars, but I gotta go 5 on Slaughter Pen based on variety, craftsmanship, location, signage,...
TK34   on Apr 14, 2019
added 2 photos.
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