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You forgot the monthly subscription fee for online "spin" classes
Its not uncommon for you and a new girlfriend to bump heads, or clank teeth when neckin.  Love my tubeless tires, love how much traction I have to climb with @20 psi. ...
T Dogg   on Oct 9, 2018
replied to Classifieds?
<p style="text-align: left;">I also would like go see a classified section on this site.</p>
T Dogg   on Oct 5, 2018
replied to I need another bike.
<p style="text-align: left;">I just purchased a giant talon 2.  Large, 27.5.  Like the bike alot.  You really need to focus on frame geometry if you want a bike thats "easier" to manual...
Good concept, but to second pedlr, just tonight i over shot a landing sent my bike tumbling along with myself.  My bar light became dislodged i had to find it in the...
T Dogg   on Oct 1, 2018
commented on a photo
T Dogg   on Sep 28, 2018
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
I could tell you a story bout some schmuck with ear buds in and how we almost died,  but i ll save you the time.  Plain and simple, if youre riding with...
T Dogg   on Sep 26, 2018
replied to Cheap or Novel or not worth the hassle
Moondog Cruiser.  I believe the brand name was kuno.  Bought it at walmart for 80bucks.  26in whitewall tires, big seat with springs, and fenders, big beautiful fenders.  7 speed. Decent little cruiser,...
T Dogg   on Sep 22, 2018
replied to Newbe middle aged man
So I may not be quite qualified to comment here, but at 36 years old I have observed my father age extremely well.  Now quickly approaching 70 he has become an avid...
T Dogg   on Sep 14, 2018
commented on a photo of Six Mile Run
What kind of phone mount is that?
T Dogg   on Sep 13, 2018
started a topic: Winter Apparel
Historically I ve always been a fair weather cyclist and recently Ive made singletrack riding more of my routine.  With winter approaching I was wondering, what are you guys wearing? Styles of...
T Dogg   on Sep 12, 2018
added a review of Wildwood Hills Pathway

These trails are for x country skiing. Not good for bikes. A few good sections, but in my opinion not...
T Dogg   on Sep 12, 2018
added a review of Slashing Road

Its fun, its north country trial, so not really designed for bikes. It is raw single track so there will...
T Dogg   on Sep 12, 2018
added a review of Boyne Mountain

Not well marked, but alot there. Tight single track to nice wide smooth nature trails. Go blast with ypur buddies...
T Dogg   on Sep 9, 2018
replied to Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
No matter what you have, youll want to upgrade it. It never stops. But hey, at least its not crack.
T Dogg   on Sep 8, 2018
replied to Chest Protector
There s all different types. I like and often wear an "armored" shirt. Bought from motocross retailers anywhere from 80 to 400 dollars. They come in many different variations. I have one...
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to How hard do you push when you ride?
Flat out, all the time. If I'm in a campground with my kids, then im working on trails techniques. No matter what, im going for it. But thats just me.
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
started a topic: Tubeless air pressure
Im running a giant hardtail with xc2 rims tubless. Mostly single track and screwing around on picknic tables, rocks curbs etc. Im running around 30 psi, i weigh 220. Was just wondering...
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
added a review of Boyne School Forest

This is one of the best designed trails you ll come across. Dont get hung up on how its rated...
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
added a review of Avalanche Preserve

Nice 45 minute workout. Pretty well maintained, its not one of those that would hold up without proper maintaince. A...
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to Crashing Spectacularly
You know its a good one if youre chewing on sand later on. Gets into the mouthpiece on your hydration pack too.
T Dogg   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to Minimum Ride?
Second that
T Dogg   on Sep 2, 2018
commented on a photo of Angler's Ridge
T Dogg   on Sep 2, 2018
added a photo of Slashing Road
T Dogg   on Sep 2, 2018
updated Slashing Road conditions to
T Dogg   on Sep 2, 2018
updated Slashing Road conditions to
T Dogg   on Sep 2, 2018
updated Slashing Road conditions to
T Dogg   on Aug 31, 2018
replied to Old Schl BMXR new to MTB
I wouldnt say you got ripped off. Its an ok bike. Its a good start to get into it. Ride it figure out how you like to ride, what you really want...
I ve been shopping the fishing glasses at walmart for years. Most would be suprised at how good of a pair of glasses you can get for less than 20 bucks. Polarized and all. Best of all, theyre cheap, so you dont need to worry about them getting smashed or scratched etc.
Boyne s in Northern Michigan run lifts for downhill also.
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