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mtbguy74   on Mar 26, 2019
replied to Tires for hard pack SC clay
Conti X-King or Race Kings or the WTB Riddler
mtbguy74   on Mar 20, 2019
replied to Long Days in the Saddle
I Have the same bike. Was so set on buying a Superfly but came across a great deal I couldn't pass the Top Fuel up. Have you experimented with the MonoLink at all...
mtbguy74   on Jul 9, 2018
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
another one here for no music in the woods, but here's mine for pre-riding as been mentioned before... " no one wants to hear your awesome jams " but here's my go to...
ESI Chunky fan here
mtbguy74   on Jul 6, 2018
replied to Test riding
Charlotte resident here too... Encountered the same... asking for a test ride with some with mentality like the LBS are doing us a favor selling a bike, some others were on the "...
mtbguy74   on May 22, 2018
replied to Tubeless?
newbie no more here with this. I just completed my first time ever trying it on my Giant and it really was fairly easy just time consuming for my first time and...
Google the DiamondBack corporate code to find the discount code and sign up for that Not sure what all the details for Canada are see who will rent bikes of what you want, most...   see the link above on this question   You may be happier with a Trance vs the Stance, but have you been on the DB Corp site and signed up to look at other...
mtbguy74   on May 16, 2018
started a topic: Replacement rim decals for Giant ?
anyone know of where I could get replacement rim decals? yes... i like my decals on my rims Giant does not sell them, and Ebay doesn't have anything I want here with sellers in...
mtbguy74   on May 10, 2018
replied to Mountain Bike scene in Louisville KY ?
We lived in Louisville for a year but didn't get into mountain biking until we moved to Charlotte but may be coming in for a visit next month while there
mtbguy74   on May 10, 2018
started a topic: Mountain Bike scene in Louisville KY ?
Anyone able to give me any insight on how the mountain bike scene is around the Louisville KY area including anything over the river in Indiana?  
mtbguy74   on Apr 26, 2018
answered a question about
nope, it's a BYOB (bring your own bike)
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