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I just switched out my 3.0 Bridgers to the 2.8 Rekon Plus and went tubeless at the same time. Shaved 1.25 lbs of rotational weight off each wheel. It is like an entirely different bike. Way more grip, faster, suspension feels more behaved, less bounce. Sidewalls feel 2x thicker. This is on a Cannondale Cujo…
Was I the only vote for the Cannondale Cujo 2? :) A year and 550 miles in and I'm still lov'n it. A 4 season bike for Minnesota.
nibblecuda   3 weeks ago
commented on WTB Bridger 27.5 Plus Tire Review
I picked up a set of these from REI on clearance for $30 per tire early this year (2017). Have put 200 or 300 miles of single track on them this year so far on a Cannondale Cujo 2 hardtail (not tubeless yet). Run them aroumd 19 to 15 psi, well under the recommended 30…
nibblecuda   3 weeks ago
spec'd a bike: Cannondale Cujo 2
nibblecuda   3 weeks ago
added Cujo 2
27.5 plus hardtail 120mm Recon Silver fork 2x drive train Hydraulic disc brakes
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