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Downieville. It's a special place. That's for sure. Do to injury I only made it there once this year but I'm going to make-up for it next year.
So.... what was your total finishing spot, and where did you finish in class? Oh and what class did you race?
Brilliant. I met Bill at Ales and Trails in Marin earlier this year. I meant to grab a card, but was distracted by beer and bikes. I’ve been thinking about these tools because of some really overgrown trails near me. Time to put up,or shut. Thanks
Mick-e   on Mar 12, 2019
replied to how hard is Downieville Downhill?
I would not take a child on a Downieville run, Like BZ said once you’re in there’s no bailing out. The Auburn trail system is really close to Sacramento and has varying...
Mick-e   on Jan 19, 2019
replied to First ride photos of the new year
Not so easy on mobile. The selector doesn't scale so the photo icon is off to the right and you have to go fishing for it. This is on Android / Firefox,...
The article doesn't say what rim, and width the tire was mounted onto. I was a total e13 fanboy until I got a bike with 35mm internal rim widths. The 2.35 tire was just too square when mounted. E13 needs to come out with a 2.5 to match Maxxis' wide trail tires.
My friend who works in software says as we walked away "That was like as if Jobs and Wozniak were giving tours at the computer history museum"
I've driven past, ridden past the museum a bunch of times, and yesterday not feeling totally wiped after a loop of Tamarancho I dragged my friend in with me. Both Charlie Kelly, and Joe Breeze were there giving personalized tours. I've listened to the ST podcasts about these pioneers, and read many articles, but my…
I recommend downloading several apps for finding trails. Singletracks has an app Trail Forks MTB project. They're all good for different reasons. The MTBR Norcal forum is a very active space. There's weekly rides posted for Bay...
Mick-e   on Jan 29, 2018
replied to Five 2 Ride
Thanks for finding the link for me.
Mick-e   on Jan 19, 2018
started a topic: Five 2 Ride
Hey Folks at Singletracks (Aaron I'm looking at you), I love the Five 2 Ride articles. They give me inspiration about places to ride when traveling. This year I have several work trips...
Mick-e   on Aug 22, 2017
commented on Five Ten's New Impact Pro DH Shoe
Although I'm not a downhill super shredder the impacts are on my "to get" list once my current set of 5.10's begin to wear thin. I had a toe vs rock moment back in June, and my big toe is still black. $160 is a lot for a shoe. But ohh... man did my toe…
Cursioly what are the parameters that define "best" ? Are XT's the best or just the most common? If I were asked this question I wouldn't be able to answer it because I've only ridden bikes with XTR, XT, or SLX whether mine, borrowed, or rented. XT's come spec' on a lot of bikes because…
Based on this article this is essentially an anti union move. And because Singletracks is anti union this is a good thing. You might want to rethink that approach. I'm sure there's more than a few readers that can afford their carbon fiber shred sleds because of their union jobs. I've worked on several trade…
Of course this article comes out today. I got back from Tahoe yesterday. I rode up TRT from Daggets pass to descend down Sierra Canyon Trail. Pedaling above 7000' feet really kicked my ass, but 11 miles down Sierra was worth it.
Mick-e   on Jul 28, 2017
added a photo of Sunrace CSMX8
Bigger is better
Mick-e   on Jul 28, 2017
added CSMX8
• A7075 Largest Sprocket • Alloy Spiders, Lockring & Spacers • 11-46T [EAZ] • 11-42T [EAY] • 11-40T [EAX] • Finish - O [Black...
Mick-e   on Jul 28, 2017
added TRS
Enduro reinforced casing, tubless ready, folding bead, reinforced pinch flat zone
Mick-e   on Jul 28, 2017
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon
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