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Rowdy_Burns   on Feb 5, 2018
commented on 10 Best Women's Mountain Bikes
Leah - any tips for a budget hardtail for my wife around ~$1k with a good 2x10 or 1x11 drivetrain? I am currently leaning towards the Norco Charger but my wife is 5'4 and has a longer torso so I wonder if a small men's bike would be a better fit or if another…
Rowdy_Burns   on Oct 28, 2017
started a topic: MTB shop in Philly or NYC
I am near Philly for the next few weeks and will be going to Philly or NYC a few times. Anybody got any recommendations for cool MTB shops in either city? I'd...
Jeff - Thanks for this review. I have been looking at their products lately and might just pull the trigger. One important note - if you use discount code "PNW20" you can get 20% off any of PNW Components products including the Cascade. At $185 I am finding it very difficult to resist the urge…
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