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Franklin M Gauer III   on Oct 26, 2018
added a photo of Girdner Trail
Girdner - Sedona, Arizona
Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I really appreciate it. My wife and I ended up starting out the day on Bell Rock. The trail was decent enough but we ran into a...
A shot from Girdner. Breathtaking scenery! Great riding!
Franklin M Gauer III   on Oct 9, 2018
started a topic: Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Hi All, Making the pilgrimage to Sedona next week. Can anyone recommend some green, green/blue, blue (non high-consequence/drop off) trails to start off with? Of course we'll consult the appropriate mtb apps and...
Well then... I know where I am heading this weekend. Awesome!
My sister runs the pool and ice rink in Eagle (yes the one that the mountain bike trail is named after) and her husband, my brother in law, runs the rec center up in Edwards 20 ish miles east of Eagle. Hard working, dedicated to the love of the outdoors, the environment, and the sheer…
One phenomenon I'm observing lately is people who should not be up on anything close to a mountain, with any bike whatsoever, are thinking that an e-bike gives them the ability to do so. About a month ago my wife and I were on a somewhat high consequence part of the Colorado Trail when we…
Steamboat Springs, CO
+1 on everything you said here. Just finishing up on a Southern Colorado mountain bike vacation on my new plus size tires and they are fantastic. I don't think the article is wrong for a class of riders. I am just not in that class of rider and could really care less about the points…
Franklin M Gauer III   on Aug 27, 2017
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
You can find a very capable FS bike at that price point. Keep your eye open for close out deals right now. It's a really good time to buy 2017 models that...
I think if you can hold off for the 2017 Ex8 it would be worth the wait. But one word of advice, do NOT look at the 2018 Ex8 (just went to...
Franklin M Gauer III   on Jul 13, 2017
replied to Oldest Mountain bikers
^^ That is EXACTLY what an e-mtbike should do! Keep you riding! Very inspirational post! Thank you!
Franklin M Gauer III   on Jul 7, 2017
commented on a photo of Son Of Middle Creek
Beautiful shot!
My wife and I are in our 50's. Our activity of choice during the summers is biking. Over the last decade or two we've limited ourselves to paved trails and road bikes. This year we bought two crosstrail bikes and have been venturing out into hard packed gravel trails and now we occasionally veer off…
Franklin M Gauer III   on May 30, 2017
replied to Hitch Rack - Full Suspension
Thanks for your responses! I really appreciate your feedback.
Franklin M Gauer III   on May 30, 2017
started a topic: Hitch Rack - Full Suspension
Hey All, Does anyone tote their full suspension bike(s) using a hitch rack like this: Going to be renting some full suspensions for the summer, until I buy a bike after Outerbike in August...
Franklin M Gauer III   on May 11, 2017
added a photo of La Tierra
La Tierra Trail System - Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 2017
That is awesome!
Franklin M Gauer III   on Apr 25, 2017
added a review of La Tierra

Outstanding resource!
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